Mathematics makes people think a student MatFyzu Added:9.9. 2008
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Mathematics makes people think a student MatFyzu

Lenka Messengers (21) would probably be few tipoval MatFyzu the student. Lenka But the jokes about blondes, and not doing much at school, at which many fast break her teeth, while chasing a financial adviser job. How does it do? And how did the study of Mathematics and Physics Faculty of Charles University is?

** What do you most enjoy mathematics? ** It's hard to say. I like numbers, I see in that sense. Humanities I never had much not only at youth. Mathematics was always fun and I went.

** You wondered about it that you studied somewhere else than on MatFyzu? ** At graduation, I initially wanted to make only one application, on MatFyz, but my parents convinced me to give you another one. The „peďáku“ in Hradec Kralove me on the field of Teaching: Mathematics – Physics married without the entrance, but I probably would not go there either. Up to a year and then I tried it again on MatFyz if it did not work. It was the only option.

** What do you think about the humanities? ** I graduated from general secondary school, so I had to go through it. These were things I did not do the problem. I read them, and learned "přepapouškovala. But I feel that the mathematics I can be more creative. Sciences like mathematics, physics, chemistry, I always went away and I did not learn them at all. For me, the humanities were not intellectually interesting, I was unable to develop in them.

** Develops In today's mathe­matics? ** Quite a lot. Mathematics, especially in MatFyzu, makes people think. It is a form of sentence – evidence, and there it's not about counting, or is it totally different than to be counting on the high school. Much of this development there, as one has imagination, and how it can think for a relatively high level.

** I was thinking mainly of new knowledge in mathematics .** They are also, of course. We are encouraged that we went to high school to be in this direction, we devised last seven mysteries of mathematics. So certainly things are still unresolved.

** What are these mysteries? ** This is a most nuts. These are concrete things, such as whether prime ends somewhere.

** Now what would you do if you had not studied high school? ** I guess I did the job I have.

** You work as a financial advisor. It has some connection with mathematics or school? ** Finances are a lot of numbers, so my math that helps a lot. I have a relationship to numbers and if anything counts, doing most of my problem is to model herself, even when they are on the program.

** Fits your knowledge from school to work? ** Not yet, it starts from October, the third year. The first two years we have very general. The third year is already starting to take different courses, which are then fit to the master's degree. There I have financial mathematics, so I assume that since that year, I had to throw it into work.

** How stíháš, financial adviser to do the study? ** The MatFyzu I stood by the school as soon as I spend too much hours a week there and go crazy on me becoming a "typical matfyzák. Over the semester there is so much I do not move, you better learn everything myself, and I look for notes. Then go for the test, so I do not take much time. Or do I need any lectures or exercises in the morning, when most people at work. Actually I work in the evening, so combine it can be.

** How to study MatFyzu looks? ** It was difficult. I did not expect such MatFyz will. I did not think mathematics can not be like that. Older people who have studied mathematics, even elsewhere, show me how it looks. But until you do not pass this one does not know. During the first lecture, we discussed the MatFyzu mathematics, I woke up in a primary school and secondary school.

** You forget things that you learn, or they knowledge that you remain "** I think it MatFyz in many fields (mathematics we have about eight species) in one ear, out the other. These core subjects a person remembers. Those who simply must know, but de facto we are useless, or can possibly be traced, I do not remember.

** What is the typical student MatFyzu? ** It typically has a long or curly hair and glasses. It's more of an introvert or maniac on computer games or programming. Such people appear to get there. But there still have a bunch of thirty or so people who are „normal“ outing and we can talk to them about other things than just mathematics, physics or programming.

** What you will be better after high school? ** I have a degree, better job offer (Master's degree from MatFyzu lot of people do not). Having a degree from this prestigious school is, moreover, I think Charles University has kept its name.

** Do you know any „matfyzácký“ joke? ** He meets matfyzák matfyzáka. You do not know what happened to me yesterday. Tell me. I went to the park at night, suddenly there comes a woman on a bike, get undressed and says that I can take what I want. So I took the wheel. You did well, they dress as they would be small.

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