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ISIC - the key to students' life Added:17.9. 2008
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ISIC - the key to students' life

Student life is joyful, but often quite expensive. ISIC card, however, some concerns you and save your wallet. How to get it and what discounts and benefits it brings?

ISIC is a globally recognized certificate, which shows the status of students of secondary and higher vocational high schools. It is published by the World Organization ISTC under the auspices of the European Union and UNESCO.

** ** How to Get It ** ** Through School The majority of Czech universities, but also some secondary schools, as the combined use of ISIC student card. In addition to the benefits associated with ISIC license allows students to various minor tasks such as ordering and payment of meals in the canteen, or provide access to certain rooms in the school. List of high schools, such as ISIC student card use, see „here“:…ry/127/132//. List of high schools that use a ISIC student card, you will find „here“:…iew/134/264/.

** ** The sales network ISIC can be issued in any 'branch of GTS Travel „: or "resellers“:…ory/125/130/ the Czech Republic.

** Using the Internet ** The card can also be ordered at: / online. Just load the scan confirmation of study, photograph and identity card and the card will be sent to your email address.

ISIC is valid from 1.9. (Or the beginning of the academic year) to 31 12th following academic year. Some banks will contribute to its acquisition of CZK 200 per year.

** ** Terms of the acquisition If you take a ISIC student card as a combined secondary school or university, subject to conditions for obtaining the directives of the school. The upper age limit for obtaining the ISIC is not limited to, the conditions so it can be, even assuming that you have already been 26 years. ISIC If you take the sales network, have the following elements:

  • Fully completed application for a ISIC card (Form GTS school vouchers). They may not be older than two months and must be the original, which contains the signature of the applicant.
  • Index / student card high (or higher vocational) schools, which must be stated whether it is a full-time or combined studies (in hours not less than fifteen hours a week for at least six consecutive months) and must contain write to the current year (school year) stamped Studies Department.
  • Proof of identity – identity card or passport
  • Passport-size photo
  • CZK 300 for payment of license fee

** Benefits and features ** ** Multi-Card ** As already stated, if your ISIC student card while your school may have several functions associated with it. Many schools use it as a smart card that allows students comfortable ordering food in the cafeteria, entrance to buildings, libraries, or different rooms. ISIC can in some cities, together with the coupon of the carrier network to use as a ticket.

** Specials ** ISIC gives you discounts on shopping, dining and education. Discounts can also obtain the tickets for various festivals and clubs, while traveling or at the entrance to some of the world-famous cultural and historical monuments. Meet you at a discount and pass on at ski resorts or accommodation in selected hotels, campsites or hostels. The current list of discounts can be found „here“:…onent/option, com_discounts / Itemid, 188 /.

** Are you going on holiday abroad? Then definitely do not leave home ISIC! ** Not all discounts must be marked, but such access to Plitvice Lakes at half the price we were pleasantly surprised (especially with regard to the round figure, which featured in full entry). You never know when that little card you can throw them.

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