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I am a student. Olomócký student Added:14.9. 2008
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I am a student. Olomócký student

Olomouc is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Czech towns and everyone here who spend their upcoming summer study also sure to ready many cultural experience. If you're among them, then you definitely interested but also many other and perhaps more practical information than just a tip on a free Sunday …

** Transport ** The most common means of transport between the core destinations in Olomouc are either his own feet, or the bus (especially on the road to the center, runs through the night) or tram (especially in the center and just over a day). In the city – in the zone 71 – pay for a transfer ticket valid 40 minutes (non-working days 60 minutes) euro coin, for a monthly coupon 120 CZK and then quarterly for 300 crowns.

** Meals ** In Olomouc certainly need not worry that you (well and cheaply) eaten enough. Palacky University now operates six cafeterias, all of which are easily accessible by public transport. The largest canteen in a college visit Šmeralově Street (the so-called Envelope). Meals can choose to directly at the terminal at the university, as well as over the Internet. This will serve their own identification card. For lunch or dinner, as students pay UPOL 28 crowns, the minute the food ordered at the last minute from 33 to 43 crowns. Soup or salad from 1 to newly September 2008 must be ordered separately (soups price starts at CZK 5, 5 and salad costs 10 CZK). For more information about Catering Services addresses, list and find ways of ordering „here“:…. Furthermore, in Olomouc, but you will find lots of good pubs and restaurants, places to eat at a reasonable price, and student bistros and cafes (such as Cafe 87, pastime, eighth sin, etc.).

** Accommodation ** Who can apply for a missed assignment or college it was not successful, you probably should look for any sublease. Of course it depends on your requirements, but if uskromníte, it is possible to enter up to 5000 crowns with fees. In addition to sublease but you can use the services of some of the local hostels.

** Libraries ** Palacky University, as an important educational device, of course, lag behind other schools and she offers her own students ‚library‘:…odni-strana/. The historic central library building can be found at Bishop Square. Furthermore UPOL but operates seven branches and reading rooms, which are located mainly in the sub-faculty buildings. Registration to the university library is free for students. Other information institutions are the „Library of Olomouc“: where you give a student an annual fee of 40 crowns. The list of libraries, but surely we must not forget the library „Scientific“:, which is located near the main building UPOL. It has a wide and mostly very good range of services and information fund, which ranks among the best such institutions in the country. Year-round fee will cost you around CZK 100 straight.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2391/kni­hovna.jpg * *]

** ** Brigade Given that Olomouc is a city of one hundred thousand (and fifth largest in the country), find here the „classic“ casual part-time job is a big problem. The search for specialized jobs or work longer term it will be worse, whether it relates to their offer or the required salary.

** Recreation and Sports ** As mentioned above, this repository Haná metropolis sports and cultural activities. There is such a large number of „galleries“:…, which in itself testifies to the broad thematic menu. Cinemas in Olomouc, a total of two, one of which is cinema, and every summer they have added a summer theater. The theater stands must mention the famous „Moravian Theatre“:, where students have at some performances up to 50% discount. Popular cultural institution among students is also a theater and multicultural space „Tramtarie“: Sports enthusiasts will use again definitely like a local „swimming pool“: with saunas, whirlpool and diving tower. In ISIC, or any other student card that you get 20% discount. Entertainment for the evening will certainly give you some of the many student clubs such as „Dance Club Varna“:, „S Club“:, „U-CLUB“: or „Club 15 minutes“:

** Tip for free Sunday ** And as we promised at the beginning of a tip on a free Sunday, it would be unfair not to mention some. He could be one of four forts Olomouc fortifying complex called „Fort XVII“:…, located in nearby Křelov. One weekend day, but you should save for visiting famous "Zoo Olomouc ':, which is called Holy Hill. At other times, again you need only go to one of the local parks, as those in Olomouc a lot and are very pleasant place such as a picnic or sports. In addition to many other monuments of Olomouc, but you definitely should not forget to visit the local town hall, which is adorned with one of two astronomical clocks while in the Czech Republic (probably more will be added in Ostrava). It would be almost a sin not to stop here, because of Olomouc on him proud.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2391/Or­loj.jpg * *]

So if you already know everything you needed, just wrap the remains' tvaróžky, get married and greaves „, some“ dust „and go to“ Olomóca „her little“ okóknót "!

** Photo: ** Central Library UPOL (source: Olomouc astronomical clock (source:

(September 26, the article was based on the reaction of readers subsequently modified)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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