Since 2010 the university without completing the entrance? Added:29.9. 2008
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Since 2010 the university without completing the entrance?

Since 2010, the students could get to college entrance exams without folding, could do just successful graduation. But beware, ** ** graduation state that simply will be added to the final exams, as we know them today. In practice, this is for students of high school graduation is twofold.

On the worst will be those students who are preparing for graduation in the academic year 2009/2010. On the fact apart from „normal“ Baccalaureate, university entrance examinations at GCSE and the new government will have to wait for the state Graduation Examination. The round of tests and come out nearly the entire year.

The Ministry considers that the state graduation exam could be the only time a prerequisite for admission to college, this option is still under negotiation. State graduation while not the same for all schools: vocational or vocational schools will be able to choose the „easier“ version of the test.

What is the introduction of a national diploma in addition to simplifying the admission to university? It is assumed that the state graduation will be a little difficult at first attempt and would probably graduate fewer students than usual in today's graduation. This should lead to higher quality education in the country. In addition, the state graduation from a foreign language should be easily recognized abroad (provided, however, is that the school met certification requirements).

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