University of Economic Studies - Still a chance to sign Added:22.9. 2008
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University of Economic Studies - Still a chance to sign

You can still sign up to study at a university in the current academic year. Academy of Economic Studies accepting applications until 25 September. The full-time and part-time study, candidates can choose from the following fields of study:

  • Management of Organizations
  • Accounting
  • International economics and business law
  • Security Management

For admission you need:

1st submit the application form and pay the fee for admissions CZK 500.00 2nd an entrance interview 3rd conclude a Treaty for the provision of education for payment and pay the tuition for the first semnestr (Tuition for 2008/2009 is 26 500 CZK per semester.)

Those interested in studying the graduates of higher vocational schools (DiS) may be admitted to second year with a modified curriculum (with the curriculum of college).

** Important dates

  • Deadlines for submitting applications

on the 25th 9th 2008

  • Dates of the entrance interviews

Ö 29 – 30 9th 2008 or negotiated **

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