MU this year, will educate over 42,000 students Added:24.9. 2008
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MU this year, will educate over 42,000 students

More than 42,000 students will educate Masaryk University in the academic year 2008/2009. The first-year undergraduate and master's degree programs to date received 14,394 enrolled students, 1385 students from Slovakia.

"The growth in student numbers corresponding to social demands for a greater number of people with university education. It also responds to growing interest in studying just at Masaryk University and is also consistent with long-term strategic plan and development needs of our colleges, "said Vice-President for Information Technologies at Masaryk University Ivan Black.

For the academic year 2008/2009 have posted a candidate for study at Masaryk University, over 64 000 entries. Most applicants have submitted applications traditionally the Faculty of Arts, which have registered over 13 116 applica­tions, of which 6155 cases of successful applicants. Great interest was to study at the Law School, where applications come 7629 and 1025 applicants were admitted. The smallest chance of acceptance earlier this year at the Faculty of Social Studies, where he registered 11 171 applications were received and 1877 candidates.

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