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As for leaving questions Added:15.9. 2008
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As for leaving questions

It's here. Last year in high school and teachers will have almost from the first day of September threatened that if they do not start preparing now, do not do graduation. We are, of course, seems ridiculous, but even though it clearly emanating from teachers' efforts to force you to become more active, and very misguided advice it's not …

Despite the ominous final test remains something about eight months now, you should begin to look for graduation questions. Many of the teachers you probably will want to learn a specific set of questions on a particular day. Others may have training předmaturitní largely up to you more, but this does not mean that such objects can be until April or May to launch the poll … But whatever approach any teacher, we recommend starting with a preliminary preparation of questions now. How?

  • The first thing you do is that the teacher as soon as possible requesting subjects leaving questions (often also referred to as „circuits“ because they are generally larger material from which the examiners at GCSE then selects a part) – no precise award would probably no detailed preparation was not possible …
  • The questions you can slowly but surely begin to handle themselves. Although it is difficult to make a similar activity with such a great time, know that spring has to do not have as much time as you have now. The big advantage is the comfortable grasp of the issue at a time when you start to really learn – because who else your wording, abbreviations and notes understand better than yourself? The disadvantage of handling their own issues, its time consuming. When processing at least recommend to combine a lighter and more challenging questions or questions that you get bored with those for which you believe to be from different subjects. Processing issues then we will be at least a bit more varied.

Another possibility is to divide the questions among themselves in class – in this case it is necessary to bear in mind certain disadvantages associated with it. They outline the very next point.

  • More frequent variant is raising questions of their „inheritance“ for previous years. Considerable time savings compared to processing issues „self“ is obvious. But it has its disadvantages, which can occur at the wrong moment – ie the actual test. A student who gave you their materials or sold, for example, is able to draw from unreliable sources (which unfortunately is full of like the Internet), or was the subject of another teacher. It may therefore well be that your teacher will be at graduation require something other than a teacher your „savior“ of a higher grade. Another pitfalls poděděných issues may be the fact that literally transmits the „generation to generation“, which could gradually lead to considerable modifications, or even misrepresentation. Last but not least, there is a risk that you will not meet the graphics and style that the issue of treatment by a stranger, so you could also spend more time decoding of „what the writer wanted to say“, rather than learning itself …

Similarly, are unpredictable in these respects and prepared questions for a fee or freely available on the web. While these may be well treated, but they usually come from students in schools, other than just yours. We suggest it is rather seen as complementary teaching material. The source of the most common and well-prepared for questions you may be a server „www.maturitni­“:

  • Once established, questions can also be bought in a shop in a book that covers the most commonly awarded graduation lines. The big advantage of similar publications of their readability and clarity, the drawback again be placed on the fact that you have not discussed and, conversely, the absence of information from you may want a teacher at GCSE. Similar range of books is now very wide, so you can choose for example between a predominantly text, or vice versa heslovitým processing issues, etc. When you buy should be recommended to go to the stone shop or the library, where you can safely compare your questions with topics offered in the textbook and did not see her finish.

Note: Article was 15 9th 2010 Updated (KAV).

Author: Černá, Lucie

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