Specialization in Pedagogy: Akcent college still accepts applicants! Added:26.9. 2008
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Specialization in Pedagogy: Akcent college still accepts applicants!

Even in these days you can log in to the study of Specialization in Pedagogy in fields ** English as a foreign language ** and ** Czech as a foreign language **. Private College Akcent Prague College accepts applications of those interested in undergraduate study up to 13 October.

Entrance exams consist of written language test and a test study assumptions. Successful applicants will advance to the second round, where the oral interview will be verified by the level of foreign language and investigated motivation to study. Applications should be submitted electronically, on paper only as a last resort. Tuition amounts to 29 000 CZK per semester.

Dates of the next entrance exams are announced at the ** second ** and ** 3rd October **.

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