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My study in Germany? Virtual studio and clubs Added:27.9. 2008
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My study in Germany? Virtual studio and clubs

Last semester I spent thanks to the Erasmus program at a German university. How do the study in the Czech Republic and Germany? How students are having fun in your spare time? What surprised me?

About Erasmus already heard about anyone who ever wondered just go to study abroad. It is a program of the European Union, which allows study abroad students from all over Europe. The award is often necessary to apply well in advance and everything is connected with a great deal of bureaucracy, but this is probably the easiest way for foreign study visit.

I spent almost six months at the Technical University (TU) Ilmenau in Thuringia and have devoted to media studies there. The first glaring difference was the technical equipment of the university. By TU Ilmenau combines technical disciplines of the humanities, for example, can afford to finance their own television, radio and virtual studio. All colleges are provided with free internet access, modern, and place it on them enough for all candidates. Library with ours at the Masaryk University has not compared – thousands of books from my field in different languages, even Czech. Excellent was also offer language courses – to have sufficient capacity, all possible levels, and all were free.

A little different was the organization of teaching. Germans put more emphasis on group work, PowerPoint presentations (in some subjects, we prepared each of them a few per semester) and reading in English. I have to admit that perhaps working in groups dominated most of the students much better than my Czech colleagues, all were perfectly organized, sometimes too much detail :-) It was often processing seminar work together in some people. While more work must be controlled with statistical computer programs or audiovisual, theoretical knowledge of the language and, paradoxically, I received generally better for Czech students.

Unlike the majority of Czech campuses, TU Ilmenau was very concentrated – all colleges, classrooms, laboratories, canteen and library formed a de facto separate small town, tightly knit together. The whole university had about 7,000 students, so there was quite a homely atmosphere, sometimes I really feel like a small town, where every major deal with „what – who – who – where“. The campus was but one of the most picturesque and safe. Right on its territory there were several student clubs, where we enjoyed the evening. A classic pub, which we are accustomed to us, but there would hardly be looking for – this is mainly a dance club where they worked, the students themselves, free of charge.

Overall, my semester in Ilmenau full of experiences, new friendships and not just academic knowledge. If your head and gnawing worm tempted to go somewhere, do not hesitate to head out into the world. It is an opportunity to be a middle or high school may no longer be repeated!

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