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The two colleges at once: it's possible? Added:30.9. 2008
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The two colleges at once: it's possible?

Can not decide between the attractive fields? Do you find that only one study is impractical or less challenging? What it really looks like two high school study, we have to ask you a Bachelor Dusan Halabici (23), which with it's own experiences …

** Dusan, studying two high schools. Can you tell us what? ** Study of Economics and Administration Faculty and the Faculty of Computer Science at MUNI Brno. I think the combination of these two fields of study to the future. While it is slowly nearing completion time of both the studies, we do not know where and how I want to quit. Two schools, however, I nechávajú more doors open, so I hope I will succeed in finding something that will entertain me for fun I started to build a career.

** It was your plan from the beginning? How it goes together? ** I hope that very well. Studying science is focused mainly on theoretical and more technical things, the study zatiaľčo economist gives me a better overview about the current happenings and is closer to their daily lives. Originally, I only studied computer science in the first year I ever thought a second studio. In the second year I discovered that so far only on studying computer science and spend the school in an average of 6 hours a week, and it came to me quite a few. When surfing internet I came across a page on Universities, namely that it is high time to submit an application and within seconds I had about decided to try it – and in general neľutujem.

** How defecting between faculties in practice look like? What problems are most potýkáš? ** As a first thing I must commend IS MUNI, through whom he designed a schedule each semester alone. Stagger the exercises so they are not two, or more, at the same time, the month long run at the track, but while I was not always succeeded. Mostly it then looks like so that one day my school in one faculty and one on the next. So the biggest problem is that some school day lasts from morning till night, which is quite tiring.

** Do teachers understand? ** As I mentioned, so far I always managed to set up a schedule so that I have all the required things stihol so Teachers in 95% does not even know that studying at two colleges at once.

** How did you manage exam? ** Skúškové is always experience. Ever since the first semester, but confess the principle of „make yourself at least a winter holiday štvortýždňové“ and therefore to sign in first dates. The advantage is that despite the stress week Take several tests in its first week or in predtermínoch. On what they miss in the first week, I will stay So have the time.

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** Do you have time for other activities? ** With over time to try to conserve and enjoy student life and how it just goes. Among my biggest hobbies are clearly traveling and socializing with new countries and cultures, which podriaďujem everything else. This has also brought to Erasmus in Slovenia, summer school in Kiev, work through the summer in the U.S. and currently štúdijnému to stay in Canada. The student life, of course, also include „cultural and social possibillities“ (beer with friends) and some extracurricular activities. Alongside this I have everything but, unfortunately, time shall not remain on the job, which to me is a little compassion.

** If you should decide to re-elect you as well? ** This is a question which I had drilled in his head, and it is very difficult to answer. I think if I had the opportunity to return to the period of graduation, I probably would be connected through an ESF as faculty for the first and the second would have been possible to study computer science, can be something different.

** You readers recommended this way of studying? Why? ** Unless he knows at least one bit of hold time (I also have a team with problems), it is definitely no good just because of this, it will in future have more doors open. On the other hand, it is stress, you need to spend extra. It is up to each and chooses easier, or harder way, I would like, however, recommended the school start with one and decide according to their own experience from the first semester.

** Thank you for the interview! **

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