The Special Field: Logistics Added:3.10. 2008
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The Special Field: Logistics

Do you complete the planning of complex processes and are interested in transportation? Perhaps for you it is then determined by this very modern branch … Note: This article has been updated first 12th 2009 (-K-)

** ** Definition of Logistics Logistics includes forecasting, planning, organization, operational management and control of all subsequent actions between the parties entering into the production process on the supply side, "so the industry says that the current definition of logistics from the book by J. Transport Processes and Zurynka team. And, or simply, logistics is the science of material flow and information.

** The course of study ** During the study logistics usually encounter the following subjects: mathematics, physics, operations research, computer science, foreign language, familiar with the transport infrastructure, but will not miss the economic and legal disciplines in traffic or need management.

** Graduates ** Graduates find jobs in the logistics functions of transportation management companies, service companies, both in private and public. They can develop into the individual workers engaged in forwarding and other related services, if necessary. entrepreneurs in the provision of forwarding and customs services, dispatchers, public service employees, a clerk for the meeting with organizations, logisticians – specialists, logistics, manufacturing, logistics, warehouse operations, logistics, transport and transportation, logistics coordinators, purchasing and sales managers, marketing managers, business managers and production logistics, manager of information and communication technologies and transport officers.

** Where you can study in the Czech Republic **

  • College of logistics ops, Fields BA program: Transport Logistics,

Logistics Services, Information Management, Logistics Tourism, Master's Field: Logistics ( ":

  • University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Fields BA Programme: Traffic Management, Marketing and Logistics, Management, Marketing and Logistics in communications, technology and transport management, transport equipment, transport infrastructure, the reliability of transport infrastructure, Applied Informatics in Transport (…ristiky.html ":…ristiky.html)

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