CTU students elect its missáka Added:3.10. 2008
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CTU students elect its missáka

The Student Union of the Czech Technical University in Prague organized the 8th October 2008 from 20.00 hours social event, which will culminate choice Missáka Strahov 2008th The event will be held at the central pitch on the rails Strahov Prague 6

„The evening will entertain all the visitors and present projects and activities of the Student Union,“ said Paul Slezáková from Silicon Hill. At this point in the competition twelve students of CTU.

All competitors for the title „Missák Strahov“ will undertake three disciplines. One is the presentation of projects that work of the Student Union. This discipline backed Silicon Hill. In another discipline, students demonstrate what kind of fathers they will, and recitation of poems on her future offspring. Following the promenade in costume and an interview with the jury. „The election will in any case, the intellect, to look after,“ added Paul Slezáková.

The jury will sit representatives of students, academics and employees of CTU. For the general public will be prepared to poll „Missák sympathy“ to which they will be able to engage all present on site at the time of the election and can vote for their favorite contest.

Choice is part of the action Missáka Strahov Open Air, which will be held on 8 October 2008 at Strahov dormitory. More information is available „here“: http://www.strahov-open-air.cz/.

Source: www.cvut.cz

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