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I am a student. Liberec student. Added:7.10. 2008
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I am a student. Liberec student.

Are you thinking about that next year you started studying in Liberec? Or do you have in this town just got to start to look round the school and how it's going? We have basic information and useful tips to start.

** Accommodation ** Students often seek accommodation at the dormitory. The choice is either complex or college Harcov Vesec. Pay for a bed according to current price list to 72 CZK per night if you want to save, you can choose a bed for 53 CZK per night. The price includes accommodation fee to connect to the Internet, bed price is calculated without internet connection.

** Meals ** In Liberec cafeterias (Harcov, Hus, Voronezh) is used limitless diet – that is, for example a meal with meat or meat kaloričtější pay more, at about 35 CZK. The price of food and drink is included, and (with the exception of food No. 6) soup. On weekdays, you can choose from six lunch meals. About 60 pay CZK if you indulge in a minute.

** ** Brigades Agency that mediates Brigade, located right on campus. It is also worth noting the various menus and flyers on bulletin boards. The average hourly wage is 50 – 80 CZK per hour, but can get even better-paid work (for example, is not a problem for hostesses to earn up to 100 CZK / hour).

** Transport ** After the city is mostly run by tram or bus, rail travel more buses. Single ticket costs CZK 16, student monthly coupon will cost you 250 CZK. Between half twelve at night and four o'clock in the morning but easily can reach either by their own means, or by taxi.

** Entertainment ** Liberec offers many ways to disperse after school. Students who live in dormitories, revels in the newly renovated college clubs and Zanzibar, „Esko“, where they go and a lot of people from the city, as well as in the Rye and Snake. Whether your goal is bowling, billiards, disco, pizza or restaurant, you need not look long. Liberec has its „Stodolni“ – part of the café Nisa, where clubs like Cafe Organza, Zoo Bar, and more.

Interesting information (not only) about studying in Liberec you can find the „University Forum“:… and on the „Accommodation and Catering Services University of Liberec“: http://koleje / index.php? switch1 = 1

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