COMPARISON OF COURSES: Humanities - Part I Added:12.10. 2008
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Although the word ‚humanities‘ you right in the name of the faculty have found only one university, to study the humanities have something to do with the other universities. Normally the humanities is hiding in the various faculties. (Article was first updated 12th 2009)

We'd simply be able to divide into several groups according to their focus: purely humanitarian, philosophical, social studies, theological, or. the Science and Education. The first three of these groups will introduce in this work.

  • Faculty of Humanities:


The oldest Czech university is just one that offers a flat humanities faculties, namely Faculty of Humanities. The pros and cons of studying at this faculty, we asked four students. Marika Barešová year: "What I like to study? The possibility to form a schedule entirely by themselves (because you learn to plan separately), a large selection of interesting articles and an emphasis on interdiscipli­narity. Study gives me the opportunity to meet lots of great personalities, not only from the speakers, but also between fellow. I really opened up new horizons, so I say again, a little difficult deciding what to do, but the preparation for practice is not the domain of our school. At the beginning we promised that we learn to read and write, which is somewhat more difficult than it first appears, "says Marika. And what is it difficult? "Not difficult, but almost impossible, to complete a bachelor's degree in three years. And now I wait a quarter and given the fact that otherwise I lead a normal student life with all the trimmings, I'll be glad when one extra year is sufficient. In addition to the above-mentioned reading and writing is really time consuming and after three years, it sometimes lacks the necessary energy and the will is probably the biggest obstacle to a comprehensive test of history, which, due to the inclination of historiography and the high demands of teaching module significantly from historical mischief and still tormented most of my contemporaries. If I had but now, after graduation, I would probably re-entered at FHS. And even when entrance exams are now easier, it certainly should not be taken as an emergency option, "says Marika. The only program that the Faculty offers a bachelor's degree, is the study of humanities education. This, however, students will have to some extent flexible, individual learning programs, which are generally divided into a program of theoretical and practical. First mentioned more prepared for further studies, then the second is more focused on practice.

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  • Faculty of Philosophy:

** Masaryk University in Brno **

Humanities Studies program at MU's degree there and Arts (FA) be organized jointly with the Faculty of Social Studies (FSS). Learning is always a-time, which you can choose from a wide range of industry offered a combination of (but can not be arbitrarily combined). Among the courses offered can be found such as Journalism and Media Studies (FSS), Philosophy (Arts), Religions (FF), Environmemtální Studies (FSS), Gender Studies (FSS), Pedagogy (FA), the Association of Art Studies (Arts), Psychology (Arts ), History (Arts), History of Arts (FF) and many others.

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** ** The University of

The Faculty of Arts, while the local branch or directly as a program called Humanities find, however, the current faculty, which was formerly known as Faculty of Humanities, retains many of the courses offered by the original arrangement. Candidates may have the report bachelor cycle of Political Science, History of Science, Technical Support Humanities, Philosophy and Sociology. For instance, the technical support of the humanities focuses on the teaching of modern computer technology and digitization procedures, which are used today in the Archives and Archaeology.

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** At Jan Evangelista In Usti nad Labem **

At the local Faculty of Arts, you can program the Humanities report on the field of humanities education basics, either focusing on politics, or aesthetics. The two-field studies can then be studied at the faculty of social science in combination with the philosophy, history, the German language and literature, respectively. German language and literature with a focus on education or social science with a focus on education in combination with history.

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Humanities Program at the University of Ostrava in the regular study is divided into five disciplines: History, Latin language and culture, management in the nonprofit sector, social science and the field named as a common basis dvouoborového Bachelor degree. And what do you imagine for example, the branch management in the nonprofit sector? Top it tells an illustrative list of a number of compulsory subjects: they include such global problems of humanity, individual and group communication, the legal framework of civil society, negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution, Public Relations for NGOs and many others.

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Pardubice University has, as regards the Humanities program, offers a different direction and only two areas: Humanities and Community Studies. Humanities study is presented on the pages of the faculty, as can already be expected, as a multidisciplinary field and promises as well as the possibility of wide application. Community Studies Field is already defined somewhat more narrowly: aims, inter alia, the issue of „human resource development and lifelong learning in enterprises and regional structures“ or the area of ​​„quality of life and living together in communities, socially sustainable development and address the problems of marginalized groups“ . In this study the Kumunitní conceptually oriented fields rather closer to the social, and cultural issues.

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** Palacký University **

At the University of Olomouc is under the Humanities graduate study cultural anthropology, either as a separate field or in combination with other fields. This study deals with the knowledge of man from the perspective of humanities studies, human studies as part of the structure of the hermeneutic perspective, focusing on knowledge bases of common cultural and social life of the majority and minority populations. Branch is also linked to other oborym such as history, philosophy, sociology, adult education, psychology, art history, etc. This is much in the propositions also states that "more study is designed on the basis of Anglo-American tradition of anthropological studies such as humanities, rather than continental tradition-oriented scientific, ethnological and biomedical.

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** West Bohemia in Pilsen **

Pilsen University offers – among others – for example, fields such as Humanities or Social and Cultural Anthropology. Humanities is designed as an interdisciplinary field with individual selection of a group of optional subjects (religion, politics and public administration, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history and philosophy of science, aesthetics, library and information services, psychology). Social and Cultural Anthropology Social and Cultural Anthropology is also interdisciplinary discipline that combines knowledge of social and natural sciences. The study is focused primarily on understanding the foundations of cultural and social life of the peoples and populations, and the program is "a particularly inspired by the Anglo-Saxon conception of social and cultural anthropology, which also takes into account the traditions of African and Central European social sciences.

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  • Faculty of Social Studies:

** Masaryk University in Brno **

As already stated, the Humanities program at MU is a two-field and the local Faculty of Social Studies is sponsored jointly by the Faculty of Arts (see above). Among other functions, but FSS also offers a program of Environmental Humanities, which is made compared to the Humanities focuses more on the relationship between man and nature, and again when seen from a historical, cultural and social science perspective.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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