COMPARISON OF COURSES: Humanities - II. part Added:17.10. 2008
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Humanities - II. part

As we noted in previous work, the humanities are taught just the Faculty of Humanities, for example, but also on philosophical or sociálněvědných faculties of other schools. Humanities-oriented courses and runs such as the theological faculty, or educational, which can now imagine. (Article was first updated 12th 2009)

More than focusing on faculty, however, depends on whether the program offered further divided into more specialized fields, and has only one field is laid out broadly. In the latter case, students typically profiled to the actual course of study, and thus is an ideal choice for those who have not decided what specific (humanitnímu) field would like to participate. It should be noted, however, that such a broad range of studies also often requires a good deal of time and will.

  • Faculty of Theology:

** Accessible CZECH Bc **

Here you find a program Humanities under the auspices of the Faculty of Theology. This program offers students full-time study form two separate branches, namely the field of pastoral assistance and Humanities, Humanities, and then only in combination with bohemica and Humanities. These dvouobory are implemented jointly with the Faculty of Arts. Humanities core sector consists mainly of philosophy, religion, anthropology and psychology, but there are also articles on the ethics or Latin.

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** Palacký University **

Humanities Program at the local Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology offers only one, namely the field of the same name. In contrast to analogous studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Pardubice, this is more oriented toward the Christian philosophy and the history of European humanist thought. Otherwise, however, as regards the breadth of subjects taught, very similar.

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  • Science faculty:

** Silesian University in Opava **

In Opava, you can program to study Humanities in Philosophy and Science. The study of this program's degree and you can always combine the one language (English, German or Italian), either with archeology, history, museology, or librarianship. Another option is to omit the language and choose dvouobor Library – History Library – Archaeology, Czech language and literature with history, archeology, museology, or librarianship. Only two foreign languages, however, can not be selected.

Website: ":…ce-o-oborech # B6107

  • Teaching

** Technical University of Liberec **

Humanities can also attend the College of Education, this document is the Liberec Technical University. Study can be at the Faculty of natural sciences, humanities and teaching, in the framework of Specialization in Pedagogy. Full name field of the Humanities is focusing on education and the Humanities, or only in pairs of other teaching field. Always, but it must select another branch – this is a two-field studies. Another nearby field, which is here in full-time undergraduate study also teaches the philosophy of the humanities. Form the basis of the training history of philosophy, ethics and political philosophy, but in the curriculum program includes courses in excess of the other humanities. Graduates from this field can be applied among others in the field of education and culture (galleries, museums, cultural centers and information), the media, as PR professionals, etc. Humanities-oriented courses, however, the faculty can also be found under the heading of the program philosophy. It is a philosophy of human sciences. The students here are familiar at first especially with the knowledge of the history of philosophy and political and social philosophy, and later can be profiled in one of the two packages of professional specialization.

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