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The Spanish for a certificate Added:10.10. 2008
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The Spanish for a certificate

Spanish spoken today over 400 million people, which is 6.2% of humanity. The popularity of Spanish is still rising and the lively language appearing in more and more biographies and requirements for future employees. If you can tell a little more than a „buenos dias“ and understand telenovelám in the original, do not be afraid to demonstrate their knowledge certificate.

If you have decided to confirm its relationship to language, „paper“ you will probably in the Czech Republic choose from two options: DELE diploma and state exams. Before you throw the crown, first read the following article and you might be clearer.

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  • ** ** DELE Diplomas

Diplomas DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is the official and internationally recognized document, which confirms the achieved level of Spanish as a foreign language. Diplomas issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and us, his name forwards Instituto Cervantes. Currently, it is possible to pass three levels of certification:

** ** Inicial Intermediate, level B1. Basic diploma certifying that the language of control at the level of communication and can be arranged in the most common situations. The examination includes written and oral. Dates: 21 and 22 November Price: 1 491 CZK „Model Tests“:…0001_7_3.pdf

** ** Intermedio Advanced, Level B2. It demonstrates that you know how to cope in everyday situations without special language training. It consists of written and oral. Dates: 21 and 22 November Price: 1 757 CZK „Model Tests“:…0001_7_4.pdf

** Superior ** Very advanced, level C2. It demonstrates the ability to communicate in situations requiring higher levels of language and good knowledge of the facts and cultural practices. Dates: 21 and 22 November Price: 2 050 CZK „Model Tests“:…0001_7_5.pdf

** Remember: **

  • The test is a good sign in more than a month in advance, at the November dates must log in to the 10th ** ** October!
  • Cervantes Institute students have exams to 20% discount
  • Students of other institutes can apply a discount of 10% of the test
  • Information brochure for longer you can download „here“:…ura_2007.pdf
  • The test is also possible to take the Masaryk University in Brno and the Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice
  • Exams are held 2× a year, in spring and autumn

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  • ** ** State exams

The state language examination in Spanish are divided on the basic level (B2) and general (C1). The third type is a special test (C2), which is divided by a focus on translation and interpreting. A prerequisite for this test certificate is C1 or successful completion of language school or high school. All examinations consist of written and oral.

** Where: ** „SJS Prague“:, „SJS Brno“: (only B2 and C1) ** Dates: ** in the autumn of 2008, no exam is held in spring 2009, a deposit base and general examination in autumn 2009 a special test ** Approximate prices: ** 2 800 CZK (B2), 3 300 CZK (C1), 4 500 CZK (translator C1), 5 000 CZK (translator C1) ** Model tests: ** can be purchased at the institutes (see above) or order via the „internet“:

** Source: ** „Languages ​​of the World“:…ky_sveta.doc „“:…nt/view/457/ „Instituto Cervantes“:…my_cesky.htm

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