XXXX. year of the youth academy launched Added:7.10. 2008
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XXXX. year of the youth academy launched

Do you like chemistry and would like to know more than you tell your teacher at school? Then you will certainly enjoy the event, which runs from October to December at ICT. University of Chemical Technology in Prague and naturalists Station House Children and Youth Prague organized for students of secondary schools, vocational schools and other interested parties XXXX. year of the youth academy. This is a lecture series, which focuses on innovations in chemistry.

** Programme ** 7th 10th 2008 Information Sharing in the 21st century – Science in the service of science and civil society, Ing. Miloslav Nic, Ph.D.

21st 10th 2008 „Miracle“ silicone rubber, Doc. Ing. Petr Hron, PhD.

4th 11th Metallic Biomaterials 2008, Doc. Ing. Joska Ludek, Ing.

18th 11th The medical diagnosis in 2008, Doc. Ing. Peter Drake, Ph.D.

2nd 12th 2008 due to the availability of computers and information retrieval in chemistry, Prof. Ing. Joseph Horak, MD.

16th 12th Titanium dioxide in 2008 to clean the environment, Prof.. Dr. Ing. Joseph Krýsa

Lectures are held on Tuesdays at 17 pm in Auditorium B II in Building B, University of Chemical Technology in Prague 6 – Dejvice Technical 1903rd


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