Center for students with special needs at the OU Added:15.10. 2008
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Center for students with special needs at the OU

The University opened in September at the premises of the University Library, University of Ostrava Pyramid Centre to support students with special needs. Students with hearing, vision or severe physical disabilities have the opportunity to study in the compensatory environment equipped with various tools and technical equipment to facilitate their studies.

In the library because the newly installed guides for the visually impaired or blind, installed an automatic alarm or sound system in front of the elevator. Of course it is resolved disabled access to buildings and parking space for wheelchair users. "Pyramid, but do not only affect the building. We had to train professional staff and it was demanding. Sign language a person learns in a week. Not a good practice to communicate with people with special needs, "lists Jarmila Krkošková, director of the university library.

Video from the opening ceremony can be viewed „here.“: Http://www.osu­.cz/index.php?ka­tegorie=888&id=4805

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