University of Ostrava has a new office in Cieszyn NO Added:21.10. 2008
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University of Ostrava has a new office in Cieszyn NO

The University opens new office in Czech Cieszyn. Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Faculty of Science and the Department of Slavonic Studies Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava will offer the following specific areas:

Geography and Regional Development (bachelor's degree in combined form) Polish in Business (BA in combined form).

The main reason for the extension of the university's place of work to be as close as possible to their students or even „get the students“ in their places of residence.

This year the board to study the first 70 students. A certain song traits recruits students is their diversity in terms of age and professional experience. „This situation is quite common in developed countries, where one studies essentially for life,“ says Rector, University of Ostrava George Močkoř.

More information about this study can be found „here.“: Http://www.osu­.cz/index.php?ka­tegorie=34510&id=4­727

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