Brno Gaudeamus fifteenth Added:18.10. 2008
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Brno Gaudeamus fifteenth

When you say ** The European Education and Lifelong Learning Gaudeamus **, finds little about students who first hear about it. For thousands of current college students has become one of the previous years Gaudeama very helpful mentor in a dilemma, which way to carry out its other study years. And this time can help you.

This year's jubilee exhibition Gaudeaumus **, 21 ** October and will again take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Throughout the program ** runs until 24 ** October, presenting not only this maturantům, but other visitors studiachtivým inexhaustible range of study options. Present there will be a total of about 150 institutions and will cover both Czech and foreign universities, university and higher vocational and language schools and various educational agencies and institutions that deal with preparing for entrance exams and educational counseling in general. If you are looking for yet another number, then know that there will be represented by over 250 faculty and more than 2,200 study subjects.

As it is in similar events, will not miss the accompanying program. He will have an example form of thematic lectures, which will be followed by discussions used to answer prying questions of its visitors. Another attraction will certainly winning the final five lucky winners who will receive valuable prizes. On Thursday 23 October, plus you can enjoy a student of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague and Olympic champion in Barbara Spotakova one person, who will hold a public discussion and book signing. A significant part of the accompanying program will be devoted to the theme „Science for Life“. As the title suggests, its aim is to introduce the use of scientific results and activities of individual universities and colleges.

A detailed program and further information on this year's Gaudeamus find „here“:… 2Fmain & mf = 2 millionth

Author: Černá, Lucie

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