A public competition for the logo FP TUL Added:18.10. 2008
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A public competition for the logo FP TUL

Just a few days left before the closing date for tenders on the logo of the Faculty of natural sciences, humanities and teaching Technical University in Liberec. Deadline for submission (more precisely, of receipt) of proposals contracting competition ends 22nd ** October 2008 exactly at 16:00 hours **.

The contest is primarily for students announced FP TUL TUL or because you know your school may be the best, but it may participate in the general public. Each participant can send most five proposals.

The main requirements **: **

  • Logo must be submitted at the minimum used in measuring 20×50 mm or 30×30 mm and also for presentation competition purposes (approx 100×100 mm and more)
  • The proposal may be delivered in paper form in A4 format and sent electronically as a JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, in a raster format with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi
  • The proposal must be submitted in two versions – in black and white (grayscale) and color
  • Each proposal must contain a text attachment with the following information about the author: name and surname, residential address, date of birth, contact phone, e-mail, if the author is a student at the Technical Faculty of the state, field of study and their number
  • Supporting the interpretation of the significance of the logo in relation to the faculty is not mandatory, but will welcome

The winning designer will be rewarded by CZK ** 6000 **. Competition results will be published on the website of the faculty from 14 November 2008.

More information including the full wording of the conditions of competition can be found „here“: http://www.fp.tul.cz/…-soutez.html.

(Source: www.fp.tul.cz)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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