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Step by step to graduation: Confidence is half of success Added:27.10. 2008
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Step by step to graduation: Confidence is half of success

It is fundamental for successful graduation excellent memory, or the art of improvising? It is better to prepare to go or to rely on „Holy Week“? You might be surprised how large a share of the final success of the just confidence. The following article will tell you how to incorporate it into the graduation! The article was updated on the 11th 2nd 2010 (KAV).

Do you really believe the high school graduation? Or so little, we trust that you will be lucky to questions and your weaknesses to get? Attention to go with confidence to the wristband does not blind optimism, nor unjustified arrogance. This means that you are satisfied with the outcome, both will be any, because you know that you do best. This means that the sleepless night before the „D-Day“ can be replaced with meaningful activity, and one will not bail out the nerves in their vicinity. Learning to believe in himself and overcome the obstacles but the same job as the head nacpávat words. So it is best to follow the steps.

** Step 1: Learn to learn! ** As we know, therefore, self-confidence is not naiveté. Hoping you have time and strength to learn all the material perfectly, is very brave. Obviously you study for years but you know how you learn best. I prefer to teach at night, or přivstanete? Substance getting on your head better when it přeříkáte aloud, or have so-called photographic memory? Do you need absolute quiet, or you prefer background music? These are important questions that will greatly help make the learning system and then be confident in critical moments. Surely you know that Lumírovci are the yellow section on the third page! Feel free to members of his family to ask for silence, when you need it: they should accept that you are approaching maturity test. Check out what learning method works best for you: you draw diagrams and pictures and feel (a little humor, the work can only benefit!), Create a folder on a different colored objects, discuss the issues with classmates, use the Internet. You'll feel much more confident in the end, when the preparation you put a lot of energy – and still you can enjoy it!

** Step 2: Get support! ** There is no shame in fear graduation. Conversely, a slight tickle in his stomach and a feeling of something important you learn how to act in other situations. Knees and shivering voice but definitely not necessary! Old wisdom says that unity is strength: connect So in this fight with others! Surely you have someone you trust – parents, siblings, friends, partners. Feel free to ask them what they think your talent lies. You may be surprised that you consider capable orator or a man with a general overview. Such a view is very important because it helps you understand how you operate outside and what you can rely on each other. If you dare, try before you as someone close přeříkat paper – you can get valuable feedback and see what else you can to improve the graduation. Some people just learn to smile more and just feel so relaxed and confident. And remember – when you greet her aunt the next time good luck at graduation, thank them and take it seriously. I really believe that with your ability to handle no time!

** Step 3: Look into the future! ** Psychologists have long known how powerful is our imagination and fantasy. Certainly, you should also take advantage of. When you go to school tomorrow or you will get bored while waiting in the queue for a moment try to imagine and dream away your graduation day. Do not follow that the idea of ​​stress, but rather concentrate on the ideal course. What do you take on yourself, you feel good and certainly? What do you have for breakfast this morning, to improve their mood? Do you have a talisman, you would like to have with you? How would you respond if you had just come out here and the question (you every day Dreaming vary)? What will be leaving the room and how to best communicate with the most feared teacher? The brain works like that for a similar idea in time to stop and get used to over-react emotionally strained. You do not then you still confident that they have actually nothing to worry about. Few things would be after all you can really surprise you! Already prehistoric warriors knew that perfect mental training is a guarantee of strong-arm: you do not have to dance around a fire and an imaginary hunt deer, you just a moment to gaze out the window and daydream!

** Step 4: Stay on top of things! ** Many people under stress, it helps if they can look at the events from above. It does not say to yourself „about nothing“ and learning to throw the head. On the contrary! It means to take matters into their own hands and be aware that this is just for me and I can handle it! Imagine yourself on the way: first, it carries you along in a stroller mom, the farther you go it alone, you grow when you are approaching adulthood. Somewhere here you meets graduation: it can be seen as an obstacle in the path or the path uphill. Anyway, a little sweat, but there is no reason to panic or give up. In the woods just for a return journey through the trunk. You can find a way to get through it and you can be proud of yourself that you did it. The GCE is similar: it is actually „only“ test, which has handled a lot of people before you, so why not you? It is the natural culmination of your high school degree and no trip to hell, after waiting for you celebration and relief, and not a black hole. Try to test closer to adulthood with the knowledge that this is an important event to test your resolve and send you more powerful!

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