The languages ​​of the fair EXPOLINGUA 2008 Added:23.10. 2008
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The languages ​​of the fair EXPOLINGUA 2008

As early as the eighteenth place in the fall of the International Fair of learning, education and culture. Under the auspices of the EU and the Ministry of Education there will be exhibiting 100 institutes and organizations from twenty countries, from Germany to Guatemala. The main language is French this year.

You can visit the fair on the 7th ** and 8 November ** between ten and eighteen hours in the National House of Vinohrady (Peace Square 9, Prague 2). In addition to exhibition stands, you can enjoy more than 60 seminars and lectures, the main issues are language courses, foreign language learning, language testing, or e-learning. This year will focus primarily on new products and innovations in the field.

In a companion program, you can test your knowledge of German language tests, attend Arabic or Romanian tutorial or learn more about using computers for translation. Moreover, if we let the invitation sent (by post or e-mail) and filled it with you you bring to the fair will have free admission. Further information: Expolingua 2008 ":

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