Presentation on study opportunities in the U.S. Added:26.10. 2008
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Presentation on study opportunities in the U.S.

For all students of secondary and high schools who would like to know more about the study and further education in the U.S., it designed a special information campaign in America Study ** 2008 **. It will run from 3rd ** to 14 November **. Lectures, seminars and consultations will be held ** in Prague, Brno and Ostrava **, always will be a two-day event.

Lectures should focus primarily on the steps leading to study in the U.S., practical issues and possible visa and scholarships and the like. Students in Prague will also be able to take part in discussions with representatives of U.S. schools.

The organizer of the campaign is Fullbrighta JW Commission, an organization for the Czech-American educational exchange, which cooperates with a number of Czech institutions. Entry to all events is free, but you must register in advance (contact: All visitors also have the opportunity to win a voucher for a certificate of TOEFL English language.

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