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Rules of student brigades Added:30.10. 2008
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Rules of student brigades

How many hours per week allowed students to work, what is the current minimum wage and how it differs agreement on job descriptions and contract of work?

The conditions for the conclusion of an employment relationship, ie to reach 15 years of age and the formal completion of compulsory schooling will be of interest only to graduates of primary school. Compulsory school attendance is not formally terminated on 30 June 31st, but August. But after the holidays, so it's no longer a problem for them. After fulfilling these conditions, the student has two options. The first possibility is to have a job, the second is to start a business.

Let a job ** ** The employment rate for most students nejschůdnějším solution, as you earn during the study. There are three forms of employment – the classic employment under an employment contract or use one of two agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship – The employment agreement and an agreement on work activities. This means that no 15-year olds can work 40 hours a week, but with some restrictions. Length shift is limited to 8 hours, young workers so they can not work overtime or night. Although high school students can work as well as undergraduates, employers prefer university students who have more experience.

The main difference between traditional employment relationship under an employment contract and agreement for work on the one hand and the agreement to perform work on the other hand, social security and health insurance. Another difference is the form of contracts, the existence of the probationary period and scope of work.

** Classic ** employment: yes Insurance, written contract, probation, 40 hours per week ** Agreement ** to work: yes Insurance, written contract, probation, 20 hours per week ** The employment agreement **: no insurance, written or oral contract, no probation, 150 hours per year

What students would certainly not forget the requirements for the agreement held out of employment. In the case of contracts for work primarily as a reward and place of work. In the case of an agreement for work as well as the content of an element of the work day for work, the scope of work agreed upon time period for which the agreement is concluded. Information on employment during the study may also draw from the article Careers in the study.

** How do I arrange a job ** The easiest way to get the job, is to get it himself or through an intermediary. However, it should be a familiar environment, such as a company in which they work or worked for a relative or friend. Get a job at an unknown company on your own can be risky as well get it indirectly through an unknown agency personnel. Agencies are many, we are divided between the Internet and stone (which can also have Internet offers of and demands) as well as on a national and regional. Selection criteria should be primarily experience either personal or work-mediated recruitment agency. If you plan on seasonal work and if you are satisfied with this job and your employer as well have happened on the next season. Some employers like to collaborate with the best volunteers and do not mind to pay for it.

** ** The most frequent subjects The greatest interest of the students on administrative work, but these works constitute only a third of tenders. For example it is working at the reception, control agreements or temporary hostess at various events. The menu is dominated by employment agencies handling such work in warehouses, supermarkets, logistics and manufacturing companies. They require the young computer programmers, who can often offer companies a better job for less money than a specialized IT company. Also in the law offices employ students who served the document, leaving a notary to verify the lists and so on. Despite the strengthening crown is still very interested in working abroad, this interest is reduced in favor of study abroad.

** What you can expect to pay? ** The minimum wage per month is 8,000 CZK 40hodinovém the working week or CZK 48.10 per hour.

This value might be reduced by

  • 10% if it is the first employment or similar working relationship with employees aged 18 to 21 years, 6 months from the date of employment or similar employment,
  • 20%, where as a young employee.

Real hourly wage varies by region and intensity of work and expertise. For example, in Prague is about 100 CZK per hour, in the Region around 70 CZK per hour.

** As students pay taxes? ** For income tax is important as a student agreement or contract entered into, but whether the employer signed the statement. This declaration can be signed for the period, only one employer. In the event that a declaration to sign, he will be the employer of the income in 5000 CZK monthly withholding tax is 15%. Upon receipt of CZK 5000, then tax the same amount, but this time no backup.

For employees it is better to sign the statement. In this case, the employer deducted the advance taxes, and thus can perform an annual account of the advances of taxes or to file a tax return. And what is even more important in this case, the employer may apply when calculating the tax credits at both the taxpayer and if the student will carry a certificate from the school, a student discount. Students often do not work throughout the year, so if you apply for an annual account of the advances of taxes or submit your own tax return, may be part of the taxes levied to recover the advances. However, this can not be performed if the withholding tax is paid!

Author: Charles Pospíšilík; article was taken from our partner site

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