Study Humanistiky University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Added:1.11. 2008
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Study Humanistiky University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

The Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is the seventh academic year program offered in Humanities Bachelor's degree course Humanistika. What is its content and what are the application of its graduates?

** Brief description ** Humanistika Branch has an interdisciplinary character, next to the main study of philosophy are represented on it and other humanities disciplines. Students from second year specializing in selecting an appropriate block of optional courses in one of seven disciplines offered ie, anthropology, history of philosophy, aesthetics, library and information services, politics and public administration, science and religion, sociology.

** Profile and graduates ** Education prepares professional humanities with theoretical knowledge in the interdisciplinary nature of many important sectors of human activity. Graduates find employment in business and social sphere, public administration, cultural organizations, libraries, trade and services.

Completion of study and master's degree options Final state exam consists of a thesis defense and final examination of the philosophy of Czech history in a European context and as a compulsory optional subject specialization.

Graduates can also pursue master's degree in the field – theory and philosophy of communication, the European Cultural Studies and from the year 2008/2009 in the field of analytic philosophy and philosophy of science. New for the following academic year 2009/2010 will be opening a new master branch – Secondary School Teaching in combination Basics of Social Sciences and Geography. This study is suitable for graduates of bachelor programs philosophical faculties and faculties of education with social or geographic focus.

** ** Form of study Bachelor study Humanistika is offered in both full-time, and combined form. Combined studies students meet both camps on Saturday (seven Saturdays during the semester) and compulsory elective and optional subjects have entered the week with the students full-time study.

Sources:, brochure information about studying at the Philosophical Faculty of the academic year 2008/2009

Minirozhovor **: ** The trend is towards increasing the life skills and even many high school graduates gives various reasons prefer to combine work and study, thus expanding the number of students each year the combined studies.

I asked a third student Humanistiky year – „kombiňáka“ Paul K. on his experience with studies at UWB.

** Why did you choose Humanistika field? ** „Taking into account the limited range of fields of study combined, then my choice fell on Humanistiku. The reason for my choice of a profiling study of philosophy, which I consider fundamental and unifying science of all knowledge. “

** How do you manage to combine work and study? ** „We can say that on the whole well. Mainly attributed to the accommodating my employer and my family. As I discovered, not all universities as a rule, the lectures for the combined studies are on Saturday. I, however, this form of study allows you to save a sabbatical for the examination period. “

** Study Humanistiky It filled your expectations? ** „Definitely. I certainly richer. So far, no money (increasing the skills and hopefully it will come), but mainly by new knowledge, raising new questions over which they can think. I have also enriched by new viewpoints on things and relationships around you. I met interesting people and gained new friends. And just this worth it. “

** You will continue in the master study? ** "Yes, I would like to continue. Maybe the problem is to choose a suitable follow-up study, because supply is even more limited than in the Bc-up programs for the combined studies. " Thank you for the interview.

author: Peter Costenarová

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