COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Biochemistry Added:7.11. 2008
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In high school you most enjoy chemistry and biology, but can not decide which subjects to study further at university? Biochemistry would be a good choice. In CR, you can choose from five departments, to have waived the entrance examinations and even to study in English. Note: Article was updated on 23 11th 2009th

University of South Czech Budejovice, Faculty of Science

** ** Course characteristics Classical biochemistry as a three-year bachelor's program in the Czech Budejovice find, Science, however, offers the program in Biochemistry less interesting cross-discipline of Biological Chemistry / Biological Chemistry. Branch taught only in English is being implemented in collaboration with the J. Kepler University in Linz and teaching is divided between two sites. In preparation is also a Masters degree field of Biological Chemistry and is considering a Master's degree Biochemistry, which followed the bachelor's degree in Chemistry.

** The requirements for admission test ** The entrance examination consists of tests NSZ (National comparative test) and a test of knowledge (biology, chemistry). The candidate, however, to decide whether or select only one of the options or both. For students of Biological Chemistry is also required examination in English consisting of three parts (work with text, understanding lectures, professional writing). Free exams may be admitted those candidates who have successfully participated in the national round of any scientific Olympiad for secondary schools, located on the first three places in the regional round of the authors or exceptional professional work in the field. This year has been accepted to study 30 candidates.

Chances of acceptance (to 2007/2008) at the Faculty of South Bohemia: 44%

** More info: ** „Site Institute“:…ol_Chem.html „Detailed information about entrance exams“:…/prijbak.pdf

Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Science

** ** Course characteristics Biochemistry can be studied in Brno as a three-year Bachelor degree and then build on it by studying Masters Biochemistry, Analytical Biochemistry and Biomolecular Chemistry. The bachelor's program can also be applied to study biochemistry (professional) with focus on different directions (eg Clinical Biochemistry).

** The requirements for admission test ** The adoption of the two fields just passing TSP (Test-Study). Waiver of entrance exams for this specialization is not possible.

Chances of acceptance (to 2007/2008) for MU: 69%

Student opinion: "Biochemistry is very interesting, emerging field, the new campus also has a very well-equipped laboratory. The study is a little more time, but not extremely. Department of Biochemistry is relatively small, so students and teachers together (Especially in the higher grades) are known. The drawback is perhaps a little less links with practice. "Kateřina R., 5th year student

** More info: ** „Detailed information on the entrance exam“:…009_2010.pdf „Model tests TSP“:…sion/reports

Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Science

** ** Course characteristics In Olomouc to study biochemistry in three years undergraduate study program and two years in the Master's program.

** The requirements for admission test ** The adoption of the study program must pass a knowledge test of the „chemistry“:…ie1_2008.pdf and „biology.“: Http://bioche­­ky / studium/Test_bi­ologie1_2008.pdf

Chances of acceptance (to 2007/2008) Faculty of Science: 70%

** More info: ** „Site of the Department“:

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science

** ** Course characteristics In Prague it is possible to study biochemistry as well as a three-year bachelor's and master's degree in two years.

** The requirements for admission test ** Entrance exam is only a written test consisting of two parts: a test of the General Study of scientific disciplines and a test in chemistry. Admission test may be waived successful solvers of regional and national rounds science Olympiads for high school and the corresponding solvers face seminars.

Chances of acceptance (to 2007/2008) at Charles University: 48%

!!! UK bidders also offers preparatory courses in chemistry and courses on Advances in biology.

Student opinion: "In the first year can expect objects with links to high school, are the most difficult mathematics, physics and statistics. In the second year it is more practical, and laboratory items such as organics, for me the hardest physical chemistry. Ročínku are the third major laboratory. In my opinion, is the school difficult. The problem also is that the schedule is tight, nothing can not prepare yourself. Almost everything is mandatory and heavy. But we have a good team. " Susan L, 3rd student year

** More ** „Faculty Web“: „Model question of chemistry“:…azky2002.doc

Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Faculty of Food Technology and Biochemical

** ** Course characteristics Branch General aplikovnaná Biochemistry and is recognized as a full five-year master's degree. Field of biochemistry and biotechnology can study full-time as a three-year Bachelor degree.

** The requirements for admission test ** For next year, candidates may sit an entrance exam, but will be accepted on the basis of the study in high school.

Chances of acceptance (to 2007/2008) to the faculty: 89%

** More info: ** „Faculty Web“:…mci/vitejte/

Source chances for admission to the „Tutor“:…skoly-seznam

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