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The Erasmus in Turkey? I recommend! Added:10.11. 2008
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The Erasmus in Turkey? I recommend!

.. says in his reportage Jitka Smejkalová of Faculty of Civil Engineering, BUT, that the Turkish high school she spent with her boyfriend last year.

** Why Turkey? ** Many people told me: why Turkey? As if we had a fear of the Turks and respect. They said it's too far, different culture, religion, plus it does not have the prestige and the Erasmus goes to people anyway more about how it looks on your CV. I have never been any great traveler, but the states in Europe seem to me quite similar, moreover, in the more developed countries, quite expensive, and somehow I hate the feeling when I have to scrimp and turn every penny. Perhaps a friend has been in Denmark, could not even walk into the school cafeteria for lunch, because it was simply too expensive. And what about a party? For these and other reasons for me, Turkey was the clear choice.

** Prior to departure ** For a long time I wanted to go on Erasmus, but because I started with English up to high and I thought, it's hard to pass the language test, I have long delayed and I went to Turkey in the last year. The advantage of Turkey also was that there is not much nehrne students (such as in England), and was therefore not such a competition. I would recommend anyone, whether going as soon as possible, we can start it from the second year of studies at the university, it is necessary to begin to discover it was the beginning of the first year. In addition, the sooner you go, you have more choice of subjects in foreign countries that you check your after school can admit. In the fifth year, mostly written thesis, because I was interested in Turkey, mainly to study subjects related to issues of low-energy houses. But unfortunately this kind of building in sunny Turkey has a large application, so after my return to the Czech Republic Czech to my school for the full year, recognized only two items of legislation and the legal economy.

** Language Course in Istanbul ** In Istanbul we have arrived a month earlier, because the states where they do not speak English, German, French, and perhaps even Spanish, organized EILC course where you can be free to teach their language. Post them on the same month as the Erasmus program. Teaching was only four hours a day and rest of the time we had to explore this beautiful oriental city. In Istanbul, I will always love you back, and the greatest charm for me is crossing the Strait of Bosporus from Europe to Asia by ferry. The price of one ride is about 20 CZK and tea on the boat about 10 CZK.

** School ** We then had a school in Eskisehir, about 5 hours away by train in the direction of Ankara, in the Asian part of the country. And if someone had some of the concerns I mentioned at the beginning, so here is a Turkish world completely upside down, and people here trying to be „more European than the Europeans“ – that's how it is in all major cities in western Turkey. The school was conceived big, American-style campus, with buildings of individual faculties, library, huge dining room, sports fields and lots of greenery and a Japanese garden. They tried to teach exclusively in English, although sometimes it lagged a bit. Their system is that it is only the first year teaching English and then four years on the faculties. Since we offer items that we could complete the construction faculty, was somewhat limited, we have gained weight classes of Turkish, English and photography in other faculties. Every Friday we went to the photo club. We also tried to travel as much as possible. Turks are very proud of my country, so that when teachers saw our enthusiasm after returning from his travels, so we have tolerated enough and one could say that we are well supported.

** Assistance to foreign students ** Each foreign student is assigned to someone who has him in the early to worry, everything turns to him, find him and help with housing bureaucracy. Even the school is great, we were there for the Erasmus Office, where he was employed some young people who are looked after us well. Preparing parties, parties, barbecues and similar events. The welcome was breakfast and dinner with the rector of the school.

** ** The Muslim World To tell the truth, I wanted to rather than cramming a lot more to know the Muslim world, what is actually many fear. Surprisingly, I found him in affection, not fear, I was amazed people's hospi­tality and friendship between women, instead of envy.

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Text and photo: Jitka Smejkalová

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