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What is it like studying in a wheelchair Added:19.11. 2008
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What is it like studying in a wheelchair

The fact that everyone has the right to education is already the case in today's circum­stances, total self-evident. The question is whether this right is our schools and other competent institutions, most supported. Pays for wheelchairs? And as they study such as "the Golden universities, Charles University in Prague?

The exact number of people in wheelchairs attending this university is known, it is not monitored in any way. "The University studied 31 December 2007 a total of 116 students with special needs. These are the people who work in the context of his physical handicap faculty requested a modification of the study conditions, and the faculty is to be able to record. The total number is probably much higher. Most of them study at Charles University and Charles University, "said UK spokesman Vaclav Hajek. Among students with special needs, however, among those who are different than the disability movement.

** An obstacle in the reconstruction of not only finance ** Ensure that all buildings of Charles University were for people with reduced mobility are most accessible from the outside and inside is a very difficult task. This is caused not only by many of the university buildings are historically protected, and so their options are very limited architectural changes, but also the fact that most are located in the center, where it is often difficult to park and wheelchair users are dependent on low-traffic . Conversion to wheelchair spaces is further impeded by outdated overall architectural concept, the wheelchair at the time of its inception, it still can not remember, and of course, money …

According to Václav Hájek However, the UK is making in this area of ​​maximum effort. „Modifying the learning environment is the responsibility of individual faculties. CU takes advantage of development programs administered by the MoEYS. Every year, the faculties and parts of the UK proposals, which are aimed at improving services for students with special needs. We also realize the importance of continuous training of workers in this field. “

The individual faculties for students with special needs is always available a contact person in charge of academic affairs, advise them on an individual study plan, adjustments study addresses various conditions, etc. (more about their competence, see „Measures No. 25 Rector / 2008 ": In addition, for students with special needs, the UK organized a project "Assistance while studying at Charles University“: that they should study at least partially facilitated.

** Accessibility of buildings: sometimes a large nut, full of helpful elsewhere ** To what extent are individual buildings or the UK for people with limited motion of the opposite, she started university in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of CTU has collected more than three years ago. Specific survey, however, might best be effected only themselves handicapped students with overcoming barriers to individual faculties have (and should) face almost daily. And what is the situation?

  • ** ** Carolinum Campus

(Rector of Charles University Information and Advisory Centre, Faculty of Arts CESES Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Foreign Languages ​​Faculty of Education)

It Carolinum are among the oldest, and therefore also less friendly to wheelchair users, a university building. Partly Cloudy here encounters a problem at the entrance, where they have usually use help from someone else. Entrances to the hotel and the University Information and Advisory Centre, Department of Foreign Languages ​​University and the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics Faculty of Arts are wheelchair accessible. Also, not all routes on each floor can be overcome in two rounds, even though most of the rooms with more or fewer barriers (such as the heavy door, which also can unlock only the janitor, etc..) Is available. There are accessible toilets.

  • ** ** Jinonice Campus

(Faculty of Humanities, Department of Social Work, Department of Political Science and Institute of Arts Faculty of Information Studies, Institute of Sociological Studies, Political Science and International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences)

Jinonice area has been in operation since 2000 and with its modern architectural design is also very well prepared for their disabled students. They have not hit any heavy front doors, move between floors makes them the number of elevators and loading platform. Just a hallway on each floor could be broader. There is a spacious canteen and wheelchair accessible toilets, even though they are on each floor.

  • ** ** Faculty of Catholic Theology

To allow wheelchair users to get into this building, they must first ring the porter, who then gets the back door. The building can be quite comfortable in the car dock.

Of the three staircases, which are in the building, a ramp could be fitted with only two, but can be arranged to overcome the third. To access the library and reading room Wheelchair users can use the small elevator, but only with someone else. Wheelchair accessible toilets are missing.

  • ** ** Protestant Theological Faculty

Entrance to this building is wheelchair accessible, there is no accessible toilets (there are not only the ground floor). The library can get a lift as well as the key to all rooms. Smaller obstacles may be harder metal doors.

  • ** ** Hussite Theological Faculty

HTF is a listed building protected and is subject to certain limitations reconstruction. The building is a multi-climbers.

  • ** Faculty **

Upon entering the building wheelchair users PF hit the stairs, do not bear the platform. But get inside the entrance to the car, where we first have to ring the doorman and then go into the building the freight elevator. In the lobby at the entrance to the upstairs hallway is fitted metal plate. The upper floors are wheelchair user can get back a freight elevator at the rear of the building. The library, canteen and social facilities in the basement with no barriers.

  • ** ** Arts

(Main building FF)

The main entrance is a few steps without a platform, but the doorman rings up confined to a wheelchair in the back door and into a small elevator building. To use the elevators within the faculty must have a key, which is available for pickup at the gatehouse. Otherwise, barrier free entry into some classrooms as places are limited and narrow door threshold. Throughout the building there are three wheelchair accessible toilet.

  • ** Science **

(Dean, Department of Geology, geography, demography, University Map Collection)

Departments and institutes of the faculty are scattered throughout Prague, but we are in our report will focus only on its main building. The only barrier-free entrance leads into it from a side street and opens up chip. Equipment for detection chip, however, is wheelchair so high that it must first overcome the short but steep ramp. Each floor of the building are connected by an elevator. Problems might occur only when entering into individual classrooms, double doors for a wheelchair user himself, and then open themselves or hold. In most University buildings lack wheelchair accessible toilet. Perhaps worst of wheelchair evaluation, then released Department of Education and Teaching chemistry at Albert, Department of Botany and Institute for Environmental Studies in Venice street department study, which is located in the University Botanical Garden. These are for people in wheelchairs, rather than a big taboo benign learning environment.

  • ** Faculty of Mathematics and Physics **

(Dean, Institute of Physics)

The main building in Charles street is hardly accessible to wheelchair users. And when you get into it, hit the main problems in the classroom, not the movement of a wheelchair not adapted. Wheelchair users are not even find a wheelchair accessible toilet. Building on the Lesser Town Square, home of the Department of Computer Science Laboratory and Carolina, and the Mathematical Institute in Karlin are against it – thanks to recent restoration – for students in wheelchairs easily accessible from the outside and inside. Relatively wheelchair accessible (albeit sometimes with the help of someone else) is the main building complex libeňského Troy, where, among others are also tracks ours.

  • ** ** Faculty of Education

(Main building)

Entry to the building is wheelchair accessible, with the interior staircase and platform lift. Accessible to all classrooms (except one in which stairs), the less accessible are already inside. The rooms are not usually equipped with benches, where people in wheelchairs will not fit. Wheelchair accessible toilet is in two floors of a total of four. Building the University Myslíková street is completely wheelchair accessible.

  • ** Faculty of Physical Education and Sport **

The buildings are either confined to a wheelchair with the help of the porter, to whom he is not to ring or side entrance, which is already fully without barriers. All buildings are wheelchair accessible, either with lifts or platforms, only the H building will not get to the second floor. Refectory is a spacious, wheelchair accessible toilets around the vast complex located just on the ground floor of Building B and the new multi-purpose area, where wheelchair users adapted to the changing rooms.

  • Using the publication „Information for students with special needs at Charles University in Prague“ (link „here“:

(Note: the said publication, which is also based on this article was published in the academic year 2007/2008. All the reconstruction and adjustments were made on each building after its UK release, are therefore not included in the text.)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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