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Studies on two wheels at the UWB Added:6.11. 2008
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Studies on two wheels at the UWB

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen for several years trying to integrate students with disabilities and disadvantaged applicants. What services does the University not only offers a wheelchair?

At the International Conference of the University of the Third Millennium in October 2003 came the following words: „… We recognize that disability is about people. Often rejected by their classification or stigmatizing labeling under disability and promotes the term people with special needs in education, then with special educational needs – the term taken from English-speaking environment where they rank among disabled people by some form of physical, mental, sensory or speech impairment, but also individuals disadvantaged by adverse environmental or socio-cultural conditions, even exceptionally talented individuals. Interest in the neighborhood is not focused on the problem – difficulty – human defect, but to meet his special needs. "(International Conference of the University of the Third Millennium, October 2003, Plzen,“ " :

I investigated the University of West Bohemia, what special services for disadvantaged students, this university provides. "Http: / /";: Http: / / an Internet address information and counseling centers UWB in Pilsen, where students can find which those services relate to offer their interest, useful information.

The center also offers consulting services for the disabled. Works are counseling for disadvantaged students, who resides at Pilsen Jungmannova third

** Specialized Center offers: **

  • Advice to personal, social, legal and learning disabled students and applicants to study
  • Assistance with the organization for disabled students

Specific services offered to disadvantaged students • accompanying assistance – assistant accompany to school and from school • Study assistance – assistant to help by recording notes, raising literature, etc. • hire of equipment from the cabinet of assistive devices – especially for students with sensory disabilities (see offer for • Advisory services – special education, psychological, social and legal • Successful university study can be awarded for outstanding scholarship completion of a specific phase of study "(Source):…ar_prisp.htm

** And as for example a student-wheelchair users can move around Pilsen and whether it can gain safe access to individual buildings UWB? ** West University has nine faculties, most of them are allowed free access, except in a historical building in the heart of the city that have this modified input. The worst thing is that the barriers to access Faculty of Arts, which has only classrooms in the center of Pilsen in the old areas and access for the disabled is not resolved.

** List of barrier-free access to individual buildings (resp.fakult) UWB in Pilsen ** (Legend: BBP-without barriers, NO – not bezbariér.přístup)

Faculty of Applied Sciences, Bory field – BBP in whole area Faculty of Engineering, Bory field – BBP in whole area Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bory field – BBP in whole area Department of Art and Design, Bory field – BBP in whole area Faculty of Economics, Hus – BBP (at the entrance ramp and hydraulic vertical surface), textbooks. HJ200 and HJ300 – NO Faculty of Law, sets Petatricatniku 16 – BBP No. 27 – NO Faculty of Arts, Sedláčkova-NO, Rieger-NO-NO Tyl (plan 2008) Faculty of Education, Jungmann – BBP Veleslavínova – BBP Klatovska – BBP Faculty of Health Studies (emergence from 2008/2009), Ledecka – not determined "(Source):…ovane_DP.pdf

UWB Library to the fields Borská has built wheelchair access and a newly renovated library building for the Faculty of Law and Philosophy in the city center in orchards has Petatricatniku also offers disabled access.

** Students in wheelchairs-** Wheelchair Movement for the city itself is allowed to stop low-floor vehicles, which run at designated intervals in the timetable. The possibility of movement of the wheelchair accessible entrance is via the reconstructed streets in good places, old roads and trails are not wheelchair accessible crossings, but we can say that the situation is still improving. The entrances to the shops in the city center, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible and wheelchairs are often lurking in the number of stairs and inadequate input.

Another interesting and useful information can be found at „http://handi­“: Http://handicap­

Submitted by: Peter Costenarová

Studying with disabilities on „Charles University“:….

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