Lectures on study abroad Added:11.11. 2008
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Lectures on study abroad

Agency ** Agency ** Alpha this year held in various cities of the Republic series of lectures focusing on the possibility of combining study and work in Australia, Ireland and Great Britain. Yarn you with Bara Sedláčková, Vlastimil Pacific and Ales Barta.

In addition to Prague (closest lectures 11 and 11/13) will offer its Alpha Agency also present in Brno (19, 25 and 27/11), Olomouc (11.11.) Pilsen (24.11), Ostrava (26.11) and Usti nad Labem (11.26). Time and place of lectures are provided on an agency Web site.

Admission to meetings is free. Winners will also win the party of travel books and Austrálli gift voucher for study abroad in the amount of CZK 500.

Source: „Alpha Agency“: http://www.alfa-agency.cz/ Other options for studying abroad: „Www.studenta­gency.cz“: http://www.studentagency.cz „Www.gtsint.cz“: http://www.gtsint.cz

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