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Poll: 17 November Added:17.11. 2008
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Poll: 17 November

17th November is the International Day of 1941 students. We asked young people for them, this date means …

George F. **, ** Technical University so for me the 17th November marks the end of the communists in the country. Otherwise, more special for me is, but it is important to commemorate this holiday :-)

** S. Lenka, MU ** 17th November 1989 to involve me starting my youth. Groundbreaking for the fact that we could buy new things. We started to ride away than to Poland, Yugoslavia and East Germany. Personally, I attach importance to this date, especially symbolic as the defining dates of the emancipation of Czechoslovakia from the direct influence of the communist regime and the Soviet Union, the process leading to the coup had already been started earlier.

Peter K. **, ** Institute of Chemical Technology It's about such a landmark between totalitarianism and „democracy“, just a pity that the remains of the former regime are rooted here and show up at every step. But it's the best thing that could happen, it was only a matter of time.

** Peter K., UK ** The day itself, of course, remember, but the outcome is known by all. Actually it was not one day, but I think that is one. Anyway for me, as a „rational“ and a free man means a lot, just that you really do not respect as those who have experienced the last time. Although the results of the election I not convinced that much …

Lenka ** F, Caritas College, on maternity leave ** 17th November for me means „last straw“ that led to run the Velvet Revolution. Therefore, it is important to me.

** S. Martin, MU ** 17th November for me means a turning point in our modern history, whether it be positive or negative peak. This date is for me the end of one era and the beginning of the second. It's kind of like BC and AD – before November 89 and after November 1989 :-)

Ondrej S. **, ** Technical University 17th November is here I think, therefore, to remember the plight of young people for the 2nd World War II, when they were closed high school. To tell the truth, my whole life I have this day was never fully the significant data are not sorted, which I gave too much attention. I should be restored, because through this day recalls (moreover since it is generally important days), it is not so obvious can study and receive education, and advocates as one of the fragments into a mosaic of important days, by which the person has non-obviousness to realize freedom and democracy.

P. Martin **, ** University These events are very good recall. At that time I have just returned from Teplice, where I stayed at a spa and where, among other members of the VB skrápěli crowds of demonstrators with water cannons. As a child, I was suitably impressed. In later days, I'm very pleased, chanting: „Jakes in the trash bucket to Stephen,“ and constantly repeated, and I cried … Today evaluate 17th November as a symbol of a peaceful exit from the totalitarian system. This day is reflected in the most physical violence throughout the Velvet Revolution. But in terms of the degree of force used and the consequences were relatively minor checkered, which is, overall, an extremely positive.

** Andrea M., TUB ** 17th November 1989 means to me Day Students Day, students fight for better conditions for learning for a better world. 17th November is a reminder of the events of 39, but also the beginning of something better, and were, I think we are today. It's not perfect, but it's better than it was before 17 November 1989.

** Susan G. Masaryk, the state employee ** Definitely a step better. It was not about revolution, more evolution, but it was an important symbolic step of the Czech nation in Western Europe, for freedom and democracy. I was 9 years and then events are known only indirectly, but are still very important to me. Not 17th November 1989, this time I might have lived abroad.

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