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AIESEC - Develop your potential and travel Added:26.11. 2008
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AIESEC - Develop your potential and travel

Many of you dozing more than you can in the studio show – not a mere theory of your ability to provide sufficient space for self-fulfillment. In addition, gaining valuable experience is even more interesting when you look up while abroad. People from AIESEC knows this and therefore offer young people the opportunity to develop their potential at home and internationally.

** What is AIESEC? ** AIESEC is an international organization, led by their own students and recent graduates. He has more than 19 000 members to 1,100 universities, making it the largest student organization in the world (as of 2005). The name comes from the French organization (Association Internationale des étudiants en Sciences économiques et Commerciales), but today is only officially used abbreviation (organization has associates and students other than economics).

AIESEC motto ** ** Organization itself is characterized by the slogan: „The International platfrom for Young People to Discover and Develop Their Potential.“ In free translation thus describes itself as „an international platform for young people that they should identify and develop their potential.“

** What can you offer? ** AIESEC aims to give young people develop the ability to work independently as well as a team and teach them to focus in different fields. Above all it provides for students, AIESEC international exchange programs ** professional ** experience that last from 2 months to 1.5 years, and essentially provide fresh graduates with a unique opportunity to gain work experience in the field and at the same time to know another country.

Ivan worked in AIESEC, more than a year, tested the role of a member of the team and the organization of the Gala. Membership in an organization can only advise: „It's a great opportunity to experience foreign cultures, conduct business meetings, gain organizational skills, and of course meet many new people and have fun in doing so.“

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2461/Sprin­Co_2008_048.JPG]

** I find the AIESEC in the Czech Republic? ** Yes, AIESEC is located right here at nine locations. National Centre (Member, Committee, MC) is located in Prague, another local branch (Local Committee, LC), then found in Brno, Karvina, Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzen, Zlin, Olomouc and Prague.

** What should I expect? ** If you wish to practice abroad through AIESEC, prepare for competition, which usually determines the conditions of the company itself. First of all, but you can expect a test of language ability **. ** All companies who are interested trainees are kept in the on-line database, which facilitates the trainees to find the appropriate experience.

For consideration, but definitely worth the ** ** membership in AIESEC. You will have the opportunity to experience work in a team of people to create their own projects and on the basis of then foreign companies to address the range of trainees. You can also refer to one of the leading positions, to lead a team or become part of the management of all branches (Executive Board EB). The organization holds for its members a number of conferences (especially the three national within a year) and social events. „The conference I was like most of all,“ recalls Ivan. „They're celovíkendové action with the busiest schedule from morning to evening, one can try different scenarios can play with different team-building games, also held seminars, and still finds time to chat with others.“

Elizabeth, who was in AIESEC has a half years, said: „Even in that short time I could try several different positions – working in teams, organizing meetings, creating time and other plans, human resources management. AIESEC provides me with countless opportunities for personal development in other areas, such as meetings with companies, representatives of universities, preparation of seminars and training, marketing and advertising and international relations. "Membership you get, the very valuable training experience without having to travel in straight boundaries. Elizabeth adds: "From the first moment I atmosphere in AIESEC enthused, enthusiasm and experience of other motivated me and I got a lot of new friends!“.

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