Student competition for the honor of Nicholas Winton Added:19.11. 2008
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Student competition for the honor of Nicholas Winton

Inspiration ** ** Goodness – this is the name of the project, underpinned by a charitable company Winton Train ** ** and which is inspired by the heroism of British financier and humanitarian worker Nicholas Winton. He just before the war and help from certain death rescued 669 mostly Jewish children, when he organized a gradual transfer from the affected area of ​​Czechoslovakia to Great Britain.

Winton Train organizing company has decided to participate in your project through creative competitions also pupils and students of primary, secondary and high schools. The competitions are divided into four sectors, which all share the same reference: the humanity, decency, good deeds – in short, everything that is inspired by good.

  • ** ** Film Contest is designed for students of film and art schools from the Czech Republic but also from other countries. The images sent in addition to finally emerge the winner of the International Student Film Festival, which will be named Winton Fest will be held next year.
  • ** ** Literary Competition is listed in addition to students of middle and high school students and young people aged 15–26 years also essential for pupils. Most successful work will be selected by a jury composed of Mark Epstein, Jiri Stransky and Lucy Stropnický.
  • ** ** Photo contest you can participate by sending two photos, which of course must meet to enter and evoke or even show a good story. Of all the pictures will select the best leading personalities of our photographic scenes: Bohdan Holomicek, Karel Cudlin, Nguyen Phuong Thao and John Šibík.
  • ** ** Art competition is in its claim as to the choice of a looser form of processing, you can send any work of their choice (painting, printmaking, sculpture) to shoot, to see its dimensions and all the parts. They will evaluate four judges David, Eric Born, Kurt Gebauer, Eva Eisler.

His competitive work can be submitted until 31st ** January 2009 **. The last three of those contests advance to the final 30 selected works to be rewarded in kind donations. The overall winners will receive valuable prizes besides the possibility of internships in prestigious television companies and the way to receiving valuable. The five-day journey to its terms 1 September next year, in addition to Winton rescued „children“ in it will run a contest, prize work, who are on the way shoot a movie.

For more information including applications, timing and conditions of competition can be found „on these pages“:…or-students/.


Author: Černá, Lucie

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