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Ivy League or why not? Added:22.11. 2008
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Ivy League or why not?

Fortunately I stay in one of the oldest, and quite prestigious American universities. Although references to the American model for me in our schools still raise strong doubts that a relatively simple, but captivating things that can be seen here, might inspire our fellow citizens to emulate.

Bearing in mind the words that I put on the heart, Jaroslav Kohout, Czech philosopher ("… Take a look around and give up your criticism … Trying to see things as they are … to see them in their being and not be tempted to let ideological sympathy or antipatiím, he said Paton, allowing them to beautify yourself. ") continues to be just right for inspiration or provocation, I will try to describe what is there to see and experience the lovely, though of course there are also things about (me) and do not like the comic: should attempt to attract students – celebrities (Tiffany's dau­ghter), because they are rapidly increasing popularity of the schools and the influx of other students – money, mostly nedostudují yourself, and if so, then the objects of the simplest and lowest grades (like the current President George Bush on the neighboring Yale University).

So what can the Ivy League experience? The elderly professor, a world renowned, cited and translated by the researcher, who you know next to nothing, writes a glowing letter of invitation. Here pick up from the airport, lunch, dinner in the professorial home when sitting at a table usually invited several scholars live chatters using dead and living languages. Of course there are the keys to the department, library and fully equipped office.

One then has almost no capacity to even enjoy the fact that the Department of Classics houses like most others in the house, where nothing else is, that is next to a house belonging to the philosophy department, and both together the lawn and asphalt walkway that philologists have … office in the house, then there are classrooms on the second floor above the cowering cozy, quiet library, from which nobody should ever take anything, but whenever there may quietly sit back and study or to save the chaise-longue or sit by the computer.

At the university, which recently closed on the thirtieth place in the ranking of hundreds of the most prestigious universities of the country, complemented by a smaller, libraries, bookstores and department, where he destroys the health of people, places where you can fix it all: sports pool and an indoor hall and many stadiums with artificial and without knowledge surfaces. They offer to have games of all kinds, and will lend you tools, so it really depends on your own will. In addition to many students and professors here care about flabby body, here coaching and encouragement in the gallery of masterfully played many varsity teams (the local nejzdatněji Bears, Brown Bears, leading suspects in soccer).

One can not help but notice here that students are weighing. That would be the tuition fee, which amounts to some $ 45,000 a year? In any case, even a little exaggerated, though I confess, I had to gently poopravit its claim that the students will discuss what is the philosophy of Socrates who was or if we have not read it – questions are clear and lead to duchaplnému familiarity with the topic and the professor is often clear about what had happened to his lifelong love them because of that beginner-type questions would never put them alone … But back to the exaggeration colleague with whom I dined at a time when the evenings , or the eighth, only smiled when he called on student cell phone and asked about the banality of some of its course, which others found on the internet … a professor of Italian with a smile, adding that students here belong to the family …

The next October, I was invited to the annual meeting of the neighboring University – Department of philology from Brown went for philologists from Yale University (Yale-Brown Annual Meeting). Wow professors married – according to the interest of students – five cars and two hundred miles to New Haven (Connecticut) managed in two hours. When I was invited to lecture, I was expecting a ritual of the annual meeting of the two rivals, but the reality exceeded my poor imagination. After the arrival of thirty vintage was served, over which a conversed cheerfully than half an hour after the bell rang. Then a professor at Brown stepped up his lecture. Immediately after followed him ready „home“ opponent, which gave the opposition. Last word was the speaker facing the arguments raised. This was followed by questions from the audience. They were suspended after a half hour invitation for everyone to feast in a side room where we sat – mixing students with professors, Yale and Brown – and served up a three-course dinner. Lacked wine, coffee and dessert. At ten we all said goodbye and headed our delegation to make the return journey. Classical philologists all the way back to listen very carefully in-depth political analysis of the presidential debate, McCain and Obama, who just ran the car radio … in which I drove with the other and I, and we each drove in front of his house, directed by Kurt and. Raaflaub, šedesátičtyřletý professor who was the main lecture ONU …

Author: Thomas Hejduk (Brown University, the Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship)

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