Conference on the Ecology of Higher Education Added:14.11. 2008
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Conference on the Ecology of Higher Education

Organisation ** ** ACSA (Academic Center for student activities) organized this year for the eighth annual national student conference, subtitled „The current role and status of students in higher education 2008.“ The theme this year is very actual and serious. The conference will bear the motto: „The ecological footprint of Czech universities – a dinosaur or a hummingbird?“.

The event will be visited on the 27th ** – 28 11th **, traditionally in the space of BUT. The conference will be held under the auspices of the Rector Prof.. Ing. Karel Rais, CSc., MBA.

During the conference contributions will appear on such topics as „The current situation in the environmental area,“ Environmental management at the university, "" Gentle handling of paper „or“ Waste management at the university. " You can also attend the exhibition of student organizations.

At the conference are invited students, members of the teaching staff, representatives of university leadership and representatives of public institutions from the academic sphere. His participation in pre-promised and Education Minister Ondrej Liska.

Registration for the event and more information is available „here.“: Http://­­c/index.php?fi­le=termin&typ_ak­ce=1&akce=37&ter­min=161.

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