What about "impractical" subjects? Added:28.11. 2008
Updated:13.11. 2012
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What about "impractical" subjects?

Also, the parents ask you, what with the history and sociology of science and music (insert your own) once you do? Every year it costs (not only) of the future university students before the question of whether it makes sense to study the subject. There is a large number of (mostly humanities) disciplines, which are indeed very interesting and exactly match your interests, their practical use in the future but not as obvious as the rights or medicine. With Mgr. Dusan Pouzar (27), we tried to figure out where this dilemma can be a solution.

** Dusan, can you tell us what you studying exactly? ** After secondary school I entered the Bachelor humanistiky in Pilsen, where the main line focuses on the philosophy and general humanities review. During the study we had the opportunity to focus on an optional field, which for me was politics, which I then began to study in master's study. This study focused primarily on the issue of international relations. Here we had the opportunity to choose from two different directions. I finally chose the area of ​​public administration and its relationship to the EU.

** Why did you decide after graduation just for this career? ** Why? Sometimes a person says he does not know. At that time I was deciding I was interested in journalism and music criticism. So I tried to look for fields that would help me develop the ability to write good lyrics.

** What do parents say, you talked your choice? ** This question is very simple answer: nerozmlouvali. I think that in this respect because of my parents had a completely free hand. I could opt for more or less anything. One rather he had to consider which fields are within an acceptable option and which are not.

** Were your subjects just theory, or could talk about some practice? ** Practical page appeared only sporadically. During Master's studies appeared several articles in which we had the opportunity to try to solve tasks that we could meet later in working life. Unfortunately, humanities-oriented studies are, in my opinion, focused on the transfer of theoretical knowledge.

** What are you still doing the study, as you expand the horizons? ** During my studies I had a lot of activities but with so many unrelated field. Since I was a member of the band, I was on the whole quite busy, especially when I ventured into organizing summer cultural events. On the other hand, I'm halfway through the music studio finally got the opportunity Publicist practice in the world, even if „only“ the musical.

[Http://www.vy­sokeskoly.cz/sys­tem/data/2468/fo­to.jpg * *]

** What do you think is the future of the study important? ** This question is very difficult to answer, everything has its pros and cons. One can, although the studies do anything related with the field and while it gives him more than if they did somewhere in the field. On the other hand, if we are talking about the future application, it is better to gain experience in the field, which should be the target after graduation. And because that is where it may gain knowledge that when looking at the sector may apply. A contact is nowadays of course.

** Did you have a problem after graduation to find work? ** Here we come to the biggest hitch study humanities. One must be prepared that you may find that job now. Of course it depends on what the priorities and ideas about what job you have. I am looking for work quite a long time, but today I can say that it was not the point. A man with such experience, learn to stand and face the future challenges it is more resilient and better able to solve similar problems.

** This is according to your opinion more important to study what people enjoy, or what security application? ** It's both, man, in my view, must choose between whether to be happy to study it, or rather worrying. But all depends on the capabilities of the student. If it's an all-rounder, will have no problem with anything. For those who focus only on a limited area, I would recommend, „hold on, shoemakers, their hooves.“

** Thank you for the interview! **

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