Competition for students: "How do you now imagine your ideal home" Added:25.11. 2008
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Competition for students: "How do you now imagine your ideal home"

Until the 30th ** ** November the students of secondary schools and colleges in the Republic who are interested in the project planning and architecture, log on to the second edition of my detached house ** **. The competition is organized by Schiedel and Support Centre of Computer Graphics CR.

Its mission is to support and then, of course, appreciate students who are creative and can work with modern CAD technology. This year's edition carries the title ** „As you now imagine your ideal home“ **, while students will be required to present "his own design house, which in addition to its architectural and technical quality and offers residents all the more necessary and more desirable friendly and relaxed environment focusing on a single optimum security for basic living needs of man: the heat. "included, it should be not only extremely user-friendly, but also the environmental aspect.

Deadline for registration is held on the last day of November, the deadline for submission of competing proposals is set at the 31st ** March 2009 **. The award ceremony will take place at the Brno trade fair IBF in April next year.

Competitive conditions, application and other conditions can be found „here“:…z/2008-2009/.


Author: Černá, Lucie

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