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Ethics and etiquette on campus Added:5.12. 2008
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Ethics and etiquette on campus

Honesty, ethics and the basics of social etiquette are an essential means of obtaining true professionalism. Do you know what you put in communication on campus care?

"All good principles are already written. Now it remains to be made. "(Pascal)

Students at the college not only acquire new knowledge, but they should strengthen the character traits that employ soon after graduation in a corporate environment.

** What is the behavior in the university environment (and not in it) completely unethical? **

1st deception

  • Copying from fellow students during passing or examination
  • The use of cribs
  • Feigning illness because of the absence of instruction or examination (credit)
  • Submitting work that was drawn by someone else
  • Talkover another person to have passed the point of student
  • Falsifying documents and documents

2nd plagiarism

  • Use of the seminar, year and theses texts, images, graphs, prepared by someone else without proper citation of sources

How to avoid plagiarism • ensure proper citation

** Distinguish ** verbatim quotations – they are accurate and literal copy of the original sources, are always enclosed by quotation marks (can be distinguished as the font italic) as literal quotations are always given the source, which was used as footnotes to the footnotes

paraphrase – it means their own words, paraphrased the original source, that does not appear in quotation marks, but again the footnotes state the source that was used

• we all sources, from which we drew ie monographs, textbooks, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, films, lectures, computer database and website, quoting the source files, tables, graphs, charts and other graphic representations • conclusion of the paper containing the list of references, here are all the resources and classifies them consecutively in alphabetical order • amount of data in the bibliographic reference must be such that it is always possible to find the original source

** Example of proper bibliographic reference ** full citation BLACK, J. How to write citations. 1st ed Prague: Mladá fronta, 2008. 200 s. ISBN 80–703–1116–8.

short quotes BLACK, J. How to write citations. Prague, 2008.

More quotes about: Standard ISO 690 (01 0197) – bibliographic citations

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