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Step by step: Problems with learning? Psychologist will help the internet Added:1.12. 2008
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Step by step: Problems with learning? Psychologist will help the internet

Have you ever felt that nothing we are not able, that you have teachers or unmanageable demands that you take an exam for which you have so long been prepared, such a window that do not go no sound? Sometimes, although stress may be less good impetus to greater performance, but all too bad …

So do not be shy and if long-term „feel in their skin“, be sure to visit the school or clinical psychologist. Maybe then you will find that the problem is elsewhere than you previously thought – from lack of sleep to be the inability to properly learn. We, for example, our questions turned to the Pedagogical-psychological counseling Ostrava. His personal experience with the problems of secondary school students and also advice on where to seek help, give us PhDr. Danuše Matýsková.

** What problems students often come to counseling? ** In recent years the number of high school students seeking counseling intervention (in particular the choice of further education), decreases. This is probably due, among other things, by increased number of sources where they can get a complete and detailed information about further study (internet portals and websites of individual schools, etc.). Stable is the number of students at primary school were in contact with the advisory, as they were diagnosed with specific learning disability and problems persist in high school. They go through psychological control and special educational testing, which detects the current state of disorder and recommend other appropriate procedures. Sometimes we turn to students who need to address the effectiveness of self-study training, examination questions, etc. Moral stress responsive students, and those who are dealing with serious personal, relationship and family problems often turn to clinical psychologists or advisory for the family, marriage and interpersonal relationships. They can also use the services of Helplines, counseling internet etc. ..

** What we most troubling future high school graduates, for example, shortly before the final exam, and how them with their problems by helping you advise them? ** Depending on the nature of the problem, which is always individual and as such is solved – it may be a specific learning disability, inadequate system of homework, exam stress …

** What do students usually recommend to overcome stress? ** Also there is always an individual – in general, applies the principles of mental hygiene, adequate rest, sleep, relaxation training, appropriate allocation of teaching preparation, an effective procedure for learning … As an inspiration to the effectiveness of learning is recommended, among other things website, section „Problems in the study,“ „I'm not learning,“ „How to teach effectively.“

** For přetěžující asking how the current teaching especially in the final years of secondary schools in the Czech education system? Do you think students can handle it mentally well? ** The question can be answered precisely, because high schools are different, with various difficult disciplines, different demands. Moreover, today the fact that a student can not cope with secondary school is often caused by the inappropriate (unrealistic) choice of secondary school. At most high schools is a surplus of places and pupil, who was at primary school, learning difficulties and for worse, is easy to get to secondary school difficult, since most high school has no entrance exam. In this case, we are dealing with a student or school field change according to its real individual capabilities.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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