The Special Branch: Transport Added:3.12. 2008
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The Special Branch: Transport

When you say right, usually one reflects the motorcade, a train on rails, overhead aircraft, or one may be a ferry or a boat plowing through the waves of the open sea. However, degree courses, which focus on issues of transport, suggests that there are many other ways to look at transport issues. (Article was updated on the 28th 11th, 2009)

** Transport ** Had Columbus knew that in America one day we will be able to get a couple of hours and still quite comfortable, and that they will not only carry people and things, but quite commonly the data files, and endless streams of energy, it would certainly be on their famous journey of never gone before. Actually, even the Columbus globe they are now little man – space satellites, missiles, spacecraft, dogs, and finally all those astronauts, cosmonauts, and tchajkonauti Space tourists are proof of that. But all this is understandably not happen only with the help of natural laws, we owe it primarily for the transport and information technology, designers, builders and other workers involved in transport infrastructure and optimize efficiency. And you are educated and some of our universities.

** Where to look for „transport“ courses ** Of all Czech schools to address traffic issues around the most CTU and University of Pardubice. Both offer their own transportation faculty. One focuses directly on the transportation field but also finds, for example at the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, namely the local Technical School (branch road and urban freight transport). Field-oriented services provided by the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TU) in the Faculty of Civil Engineering (specialization in transportation engineering and transportation construction).

Traffic oriented courses can be studied in the framework of focused fields of electronics, informatics, construction and engineering. These can be found including the University of West Bohemia in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Electrical Transport Study), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering VŠB-TU (Traffic Study machinery and material handling), the Technical University in the Faculty of Civil Engineering (specialization in construction and road construction) and others.

** Graduates ** Graduates of undergraduate programs and courses designed to transport – whether in terms of technology, organization, environment or economy – including the application found in the area of ​​transport and telecommunication infrastructure, telecommunications, telematics, and especially at middle management level, such as at traffic engineering firms, manufacturers and distributors of cars in service centers, logistics firms, testing laboratories, insurance vehicles, etc. After passing the selected fields in the framework of the technique and technology in transport and communications in addition to the CTU, many can bring your child's dream and a further study to apply as a professional pilots, workers in air traffic control, air traffic management, etc. It should be added that leads to these jobs – in terms of finance and performance – a bit thornier, yet manageable way. Field Road and urban vehicular traffic at the Technical Faculty of Life Sciences in turn, inter alia, preparing graduates for work in the operational, technological and economic sectors within the automotive and urban road transport (except rail transport, for which a closer again – among other areas – targeted traffic Jan Perner Faculty at the University of Pardubice).

** Items ** How can probably expect, most attention is how the entrance examination and subsequent emphasis on the study of maths and physics, but students are also confronted with the subjects, based on knowledge of computer science, economics, logistics, etc.

** Web pages of individual faculty **

  • ** ** Faculty of Transportation CTU: „“: (more information about individual fields, see „here“: http://www.fd. / Interested-of-study / Bachelor-Master-and-learning / receiver-driven)
  • ** Jan Perner Transport Faculty, University of Pardubice ** „“: (more information about individual fields, see „here“: http:// / DFJP / Studies / Bachelor / charakteristi­ky.html)
  • ** Faculty of Engineering, Agricultural University, Prague ** „“: (more information about the field of road and urban road passenger transport, see „here“ :…)
  • ** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava ** „“: (more information about individual fields, see „here“: http://www / area / study-and-learning / study / courses / bachelor-degree)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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