Open Day at UP in Olomouc 29.11 Added:26.11. 2008
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Open Day at UP in Olomouc 29.11

Eight faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc held this Saturday day oteřených door. The event begins at 9 am and is interested in studying a good opportunity to familiarize themselves with the information about the admission procedures, accommodation, meals and sports activities.

General information provided in the courtyard of the Rectorate UP pedelové two in traditional historic costumes, at the Medical School will be possible to also meet with students.

Faculty of Physical Culture Neředín prepared on site in addition to traditional information rich program – applicants will be offered a biomechanical analysis of foot loading during walking and standing, measuring body composition, ride a bike on hand drive (Handbike), etc.

More information at: „http://www.u­­zeci/den-otevrenych-dveri/“:…enych-dveri/

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