MU is looking for 125,000 graduates Added:4.12. 2008
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MU is looking for 125,000 graduates

More than 125 000 people have graduated from the Masaryk University since its founding in 1919. With regard to the upcoming 90th anniversary of the University decided to address all of their graduates campaign "Looking for 125,000 Masaryk.

"We want to give our graduates an opportunity to meet again after years, to restore the friendship of the studies, but also to find out what their colleagues have already proved the year. Graduates over the years scattered around the world and us no choice but to ask them to hear from us, "said the rector of Masaryk University Mikulas Bek. Efforts to restore relations with alumni should culminate meeting of all students at Masaryk University in the university-wide graduation reunion, which is scheduled for 30 May 2009.

And how does it work? Graduates will enter into the system to „address this“: and then can start using these services, including their professional and personal business cards, blogs – messages and other options that will increase.

„The graduates are prepared circle of people, which is used for classmates from the class – they can contact each other, communicate their experiences, stories and opinions, can schedule meetings, share photos and other activities offered by your profession or interests,“ said Project Manager IS MU Michael Brandeis.

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