The internship in the U.S.? With Microsoft! Added:1.12. 2008
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The internship in the U.S.? With Microsoft!

Speak English and enjoy your computer? Then certainly think about a special offer from Microsoft. Talented students from the Czech Republic who live in the third or fourth year of high school have the opportunity to spend three months ** ** ** in ** the summer of 2009 to take up training in Redmond, USA.

Students should have the same obligations and rights as full-time employees and expects cooperation in teams. It is a unique opportunity to look at solving real problems with the help of mentors. This year is looking particularly interested in the position of Software Design Engineer (development of operating systems and applications of future generations) and Sotfware Design Engineer in Test (testing new programs and applications from the position of the user).

Candidates should demonstrate experience in programming (C / C + +, C #) and control the English language fluently. The condition is the third study ** or 4 ** year of Czech universities. Furthermore, the advantage of team spirit, communication skills, flexibility, creativity and focus on results. Applications and CV can be sent to the 14th ** December 2008 **.

Source: „Web Engineering.“: Http://www.cvut­.cz/novinky/na­bidka-spolecnosti-microsoft-pro-studenty

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