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Conditions for admission to university Added:8.12. 2008
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Conditions for admission to university

Read what conditions must you meet to be admitted to study at university, and how and when the College to disclose information about the filing, which publishes information about the admission procedure.

High school or faculty publish in advance, but at least four months, the deadline for submission of applications to study and how they are administered in written or electronic form. Furthermore, admission requirements, timing and method of checking compliance, and if it is part of the verification requirement of the admissions test, the form and content of the test framework and criteria for evaluation.

These facts must be disclosed on the notice board at a university or faculty. In the same manner must be published the highest number of students admitted to study in a degree program.

Admission to the Bachelor's and Master's degree program is to achieve full secondary or full secondary vocational education. Admission to a Master's degree program, which follows a Bachelor's degree program is also graduating from a bachelor's degree program. High school may impose additional conditions which are generally subject entrance exam.

High school or faculty publish the admission process this information always

  • Start and end dates of entrance tests, including entrance exams at an alternate date, if in a given part of the recruitment process,
  • Date of issue of admission,
  • Date of issue of any request for review of a decision
  • Terms and conditions under which it is possible to inspect all materials that are relevant to decisions about admission to universities,
  • Completion date of recruitment.

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