Special of the field: Auxiliary historical sciences Added:10.12. 2008
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Special of the field: Auxiliary historical sciences

From the study of history, some are discouraged for its impracticality. Orientation dates, personalities and background of our history is challenging, and yet it seems that the further research that often enough. An excellent choice for lovers of history is the study of auxiliary historical sciences, which opens the door to the use of specific knowledge of the history and the latest technology for practical purposes. Note: Article was updated on the 16th 11th 2009 (-bel-)

** ** The content of study Auxiliary sciences of history (PVH) is composed of specialized disciplines that complement, examine and critically evaluate the sources of classical history. The field is used by many fields, from science.

** Items ** PVH is a collection of many sub-disciplines. These include epigraphy (inscriptions), codicology (manuscripts), diplomatics (official documents), Sphragistics (seal) heraldry (coats), genealogy (family relations), chronology (methods time measurement), palaeography (old script), numismatics (tender ) and metrology (weights and measures).

** Where can I study ** Auxiliary historical sciences as a separate discipline to study at Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Arts, and two-field-time. Charles University in Prague offers a combination of the PVH Archivnictvím and only-time. Archival including PVH is also possible to study at the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice.

** Graduates ** Graduate studies undergraduate studies can establish a two-year master's program. After completing his studies apply primarily in the archives, but it can also work with modern materials. Their knowledge and skills graduates may also be used in government, museums, offices and various cultural and historical institutions, or. in the media and tourism.

** Admission ** To receive the Masaryk University just successfully completed the TSP („model tests“: http://www.muni.cz/…dmission/tsp). Entrance Exam Study on PVH in Prague also in writing. Expected interest in the field, a cultural-historical overview, basic awareness of the historical literature, reading comprehension and AJ in NJ and orientation latinismech used in scientific texts. You can expect the essay on an assigned topic. Model tests can be found „here“: http://pvh.ff.cuni.cz/.

** More information ** „PVH Department of Charles University in Prague“: http://pvh.ff.cuni.cz/ „Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archive FF MU Brno“: http://www.phil.muni.cz/wpvh „Student Web FF MU Brno“: http://pvhbrno.ic.cz/news.php "Department of Archives and auxiliary historical sciences DP Budejovice in Czech ': http://www.ff.jcu.cz/…rtments/uap/

** Other sources ** „Wikipedia“: http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomocn% C3% A9_v% C4% 9Bdy_historick% C3% A9

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