COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Visual Arts Added:12.12. 2008
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Fine arts of all kinds are the humanities course as a very attractive industry. Unfortunately, the number of applicants each year exceeds the number of accepted unconditionally lucky – and nezřídkakdy even with them is not usually at the first attempt. Studying art is simply quite rightly coveted goal of all who are in power – said with exaggeration – „hands and imagination.“ (Article was first updated 12th 2009)

Reasons why an art school just gets so everyone can find a few. The main one is of course the fact that the individual arts faculty want to maintain high standards in both teaching where the teacher can devote to each, if possible, individually and later self-presentation. Graduates of these schools are the most visible is their calling card. Equally compelling reason for the low number of accepted applicants is also some risk of inflation, and not just „professional artists titled,“ but the fine arts. After a very encouraging beginning, we have to bring things back on the right: for example, Academy of Arts in Fine Arts program this year, adopted pursuant to the existing data of a total of 882 candidates 71, BUT Faculty of Fine Arts received a total of 54 candidates from 428 to 605 of the Academy of Fine Arts candidates got 53 of them ( Source: Division of statistical information and analysis IIE ":…dycouch.html).


** Master's degree courses: ** Painting / free art, drawing, sculpture / free art, Intermedia, New Media, Painting – Restoration works of art, painting, Sculpture – Restoration of Fine Sculpture, Architecture in

** Study ** full, six-year study (Mgr.) (with the exception of architectural design, where the master's course lasts three years – before, it is necessary to complete a bachelor's degree at FA CTU in Prague, Brno, Technical University in Liberec, or FA)

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2665/A­VU.jpg]

** Entrance Exams ** Admission is usually held in January and February, and in two rounds of selection. In the first part of the first review submitted anonymously job applicants. The selected applicants will then proceed to the practical aptitude test. It consists of the following parts: 1 Day: The drawing or a real plastic model under study, 2 day: the composition given an optional subject, treated in any medium (technology) tests are general cultural awareness, 3 Day: free composition in any medium (technology), 4 day: a special certification to enter the teacher interviews are conducted in parallel with individual candidates (in the fields of architectural design and restoration of art works, this piece tests may vary slightly according to the needs of the field).

A detailed description of individual fields, see „on this page“:…imaci-rizeni.

** Web: ** „“:

  • ** Technical University of Liberec **

** Faculty of Art and Architecture **

** Bachelor's degree programs: **

  • Architecture and Urban Planning, Architects
  • Fine Arts, majoring in: Visual Communications, Digital Media focus and Environmental De­sign
  • Design Study: Design Environment

** Study ** full, four-year study (Bachelor, BCA.)

** Entrance Exams ** exams are always three wheels: the first round is to surrender the housework, the other is for all disciplines and multi-day consists of practical and written exam and the last third round is always the form of a debate over candidates selected works created by graduates of second round.

  • Architecture and Urban Planning, Architects

The second round consists of writing, art and architectural parts. The written test consists of art history and architecture of a general overview of cultural and mathematics. Artwork includes a drawing by the facts and spatial composition on a given topic. In the last part of the exam candidates entered the small architectural task. By 1 year's annual intake of 35 students max.

  • Fine Arts, majoring in: Visual Communications

The second round of entrance exams for this course is also formed part of the writing and art. Written test examines knowledge of art history, general cultural awareness and basic knowledge in mathematics. Artwork includes a drawing by the facts and essay on the subject.

  • Design Study: Design Environment

The second round of the entrance for the field of environmental design is also multi-day nature of aptitude tests, consisting of written and visual parts.

** Master's degree programs: **

  • Architecture and Urban Planning, Architects – in the academic year 2010/2011, this study does not open

** Study ** full, six-year study

** Master's degree programs (Master) **

  • Architecture and Urban Planning, Architects, Architectural Engineering

** Entrance Exams ** Admission to the master's degree program is three, namely: Study successfully completed bachelor's degree, experience in an architectural office within minutes. 140 days working full time (at the time the application is not necessary to have completed this practice in its entirety) and submission of a portfolio of work.

  • Fine Arts, majoring in: Visual Communication – Digital Media

** Study: ** full-time, two studies (MA)

** Entrance Exams ** entrance examination takes the form of project studies, which have a very convincing candidate to outline their future educational path and the goal to which you want to happen. The presentation is also a portfolio of work and an interview. Upon successful completion of the study is highly sebemotivující work, ability to independently investigate advanced technological challenges and the pursuit of consistent critical perspective of digital media.

A detailed study on the characteristics of the FA TUL find „here“:…har_stu.html.

Website: /­tektury ":…rchitektury/

  • ** HIGH SCHOOL ** Applied Arts in Prague

** Bachelor's degree program: **

  • Fine art disciplines: architectural design, design, art creation

** Study ** full, three-year study (BcA.)

A detailed description of individual fields, see „here“:…ke-studium-a

** Follow-up Master's degree program: **

  • Fine art disciplines: architectural design, design, art creation

** Study: ** full-time, two studies (Mgr.)

Description of individual fields, see „on this page“:…ke-studium-b.

  • General Theory and History of Art and Culture Study: General Theory and History of Art and Culture

** Study: ** full-time, two studies (Mgr.)

Description field, see „on this page“:…y-navazujici -Master-study.

  • Visual Arts disciplines: Visual Arts

** Study: ** full-time, two studies (MA)

The study of this field is charged CZK 95 000, – CZK per semester. Description field, see „on this page“:…ickem-jazyce .

Teaching in the Bachelor's and Master's courses take place in 23 studios, and studios in the various studies approximately 18 to 20 students.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2665/vsup­.jpg]

** Admission ** List of specific requirements for admission to individual courses can be found „here“:…imaci-rizeni.

School Web ** ** „“:

  • ** UNIVERSITY of Technology **

** Faculty of Fine Arts **

** Bachelor's degree programs: **

  • Fine arts courses: Industrial Design (Body Design / Product Design), Visual arts – painting – art photography (Painting 1, 2, 3; Sculpture 1, 2) Fine Arts – Art (Graphics), Fine Arts – Graphic Design (Graphic Design / Paper & Paper) Art – Design trends (Intermedia / Environment) Visual Arts – Video – Multimedia – Performance (Video / Multimedia / Performance)

** Study ** full, four-year study (BcA.)

** Entrance Exams ** Admission to undergraduate studies is always a two step: first round of submissions replaced housework, the second round, where you proceed selected candidates are aptitude tests and trials, hence the final interview. Aptitude test consists of four practical tasks (the first is common for the entire degree program, second to fourth job, or their specific parts, depending on the chosen specialty). Applicants also must include a written exam consisting of questions relating to art history and general cultural survey. The interview has two parts – a coherent interpretation on which candidate to choose from a collection of reproductions of three of the standard range of topics from art history at the secondary level, and an interview with regard to the specifics of the selected department.

In all these fields follows a two-year master's degre­e (MA).

** Entrance Exams ** Candidates who are studying for master's voice from other schools, consisting aptitude test (personal presentation of work candidates, or their documentation before the Commission). The selected applicants will proceed to the interview, with an emphasis on theoretical knowledge of the field, the current artistic practice and its results and feedback (bibliography), and presented a personal project of graduate studies. Students who come to the follow-up study reported in the previous bachelor's degree in Applied Arts, are recruited on the basis of assessment of their undergraduate work and defending their master's degree project.

All information on fields of study at Faculty of Fine Arts, BUT you can find „here“:…studium.html.

** Web: ** „“:

Source: websites of individual schools Source Images: 1, 2

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