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Step by step: Why do university study? Added:15.12. 2008
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Step by step: Why do university study?

As graduates you hear and think about high school day. Consideration of the fields and options, but you certainly have brought the issue much more serious and more general: it makes sense to go to college? It is better to find a comfortable place to have your own money and get rid once and for all tests and learning? The reasons why the university ultimately choose, this article offers.

Who else could the question of the benefits and disadvantages of studying at university to respond better than the students themselves. The various universities have been asked: Why it makes sense to study at the university? How would you assess it after several years of study? The answers may help you decide whether the application in February after all does not serve.

** 1 The money goes primarily ** We will not get the urgent, that university students can just pop up, with parents from time to voluntary work and scholarship, but ultimately have to „bread and games“. But what lifted up above our respondents are positive prospects for the future. „College students have higher salaries ** ** easier to find well-paid job and have a choice, what would one do,“ John praised the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice. The title is actually a guarantee of better paid employment and for someone such motivation is more than sufficient. Moreover, the advantage is that the graduate is not necessarily limited to a single type of work, but the study of developing various skills to use when seeking employment. With such a view is shared and Sue, who is studying in Prague Social Education: „Studying high school obviously has a sense for achieved education and then to facilitate job search, we have other prospects for the future, better job **. **“ For many people think about the future too early, however please note that if you decide later to university, the student will lose benefits for 26 years. And then the money certainly will.

** 2nd Work of any kind ** Why is a university with a greater chance to apply? Since studying on campus you can get valuable skills ** **, which in turn will use at work. Veronica, who went to study at Olomouc, the list says: „Only in college I learned how and where to find information, ask questions, organize your time, really bear full responsibility for what I do, think about the information that come to me and not just take it, is to improve professional communication and improve myself in computing. "And do not forget to language teaching, which is a high school devoted to the most adequate space and its quality is relatively high. Exact sciences and humanities in addition you can learn to think in new ways and looking at the world from a different angle ** **. Ivan, a student of the Faculty of Social Studies in Brno, points out: "courses are taught to think critically, debate and argue logically.“ Pavlina, who studied anthropology in Pilsen, is even convinced that during the high school „sometimes fall some myths that people learned in high school. “

** 3rd „I like“ ** If you are lucky enough to study the field that you really enjoy ** ** you have a unique opportunity to give him most of the time. For one thing, studying a particular field to get rid of all items you had in high school, sort of ‚obligatory extra „. Whether it‘s chemistry or music lessons at the university, you can just select it into what you are really excited. "Studying College makes sense that a man even more focus on what interests him,“ Martin nods in Prague studying agriculture of the tropics and subtropics. „I study at school because I gained knowledge to their dream job,“ admits Peter, a student of geography at Charles University in Prague. College simply ideal deepen their knowledge in the area that interests you. Ivan adds: „As the main benefits of learning at the university the opportunity to see the detail paid to issues of what I am interested, and to extend the general outline.“ Expansion ** ** general knowledge is generally a great advantage of studying at university.

** 4th The Best Years of Life ** Perhaps every student would agree that despite all the difficulties, life is like in high school still sweet. Our respondents mainly agreed that the student years are a great opportunity to become independent ** . Martin commented: „One simply runs away from his native village, who resent it, and experience life in a larger city.“ Veronica to change after graduation is also not appreciated by: „In my case, I also met a beautiful city that I became a second home and almost entirely a student, I became independent. " The new environment is obviously related to new people contacts ** and ** that you can throw one. "College students are a different breed of people,“ adds Sue. Pavlina is satisfied with the atmosphere, which is the high school is no comparison: „The small size of the department of anthropology we have a little family, and thus do not feel a wall between teachers and students.“ Addition of new friends not to mention the many opportunities to travel within the international cooperation and programs involved in various projects and enjoy the new, undiscovered possibilities. In short, as Peter said, ' ** prolong youth, student life. "

If these arguments are still not convinced you can look at things through the eyes of Ondra, a student of Economics in Prague. „Studying at university is paid exceeds the benefits obtained Opportunity study. Benefits can be expressed in monetary terms, such as how much higher will my overall future income with a university degree (and therefore expected a better job and higher income) than without a title. It can also be any other benefits, such as friends from the studio experience … " Sue all wavering finally says: "The idea is to use a squeeze of student life as much as much as possible to learn it, I once neohlídla and did not feel I missed something and I need to catch up in the thirties.“

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