Competition for young designers: Young Package 2009 Added:14.12. 2008
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Competition for young designers: Young Package 2009

Packaging company model and together with the International Council of Graphic Design ICOGRADA, Bratislava Slovak Design Centre and Design Cabine GB, Foundation for the development of architecture and engineering in Prague, and others, announced ** XIV. annual international competition of young designers Young Package 2009 **.

The competition can involve everyone who belongs to any of the following categories:

  • Young designers under 30 years
  • University students
  • Secondary school students

For all categories, the same assignment, namely to create a „fresh, imaginative, ambitious, serious, humorous or satirical 'cover anything, and the recovered materials must prevail and paperboard (material for the production of competition entries is available free of charge at Model Packaging , Inc.). "Packaging can be in design, shape, surface and graphical presentation and information provided functional protection in place, but it can also be tailored to the bearer of socially and philosophically supporting ideas. Those who like to experiment and make up who hates jacket forms, ordinances and regulations, has the opportunity to introduce competition jury and then a wide professional and lay public in many countries around the world work on their game with the material. This means the creation of art and utility objects, many of them on Earth can find its decorative or utility application. This freedom is not absolute, because it is necessary to honor the raw material competition, then paperboard and cardboard in a possible combination with other materials, "said the Preamble of the competition. An additional theme this year is "Design of a utility package, or any object made of paper (cardboard and paper in any combination with other materials) for senior citizens – pensioner.“ The most successful designs of this topic will be included in the project design for the golden age (design for seniors).

His work must the participants to present and document model, drawings and texts or to supplement presentations on CD-ROM or DVD. The competition will include only those creations that will be delivered along with a completed entry form to the address of the agency Antipol Brno, not later than 24th ** March 2009 to 16 hours **, or must be the same date and time submitted the post.

The three winners in each category will receive a diploma and a cash prize: the winner of the category „Young designer under 30 years“ gets 25 000 CZK, winner of the category of „college“ will receive 20 000 CZK (his school, then 5 000 CZK) and the winner of „High School“ gets 15 000 CZK (5000 CZK school). One of the winners will have the opportunity to go in summer 2009 internship in the design department, which will be provided accommodation and meals. But be prepared to further appreciation.

For more information, including registration for the competition can be found „on this site“:

Source: Press Release Cabinet Design UK

Author: Černá, Lucie

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