Restoration of Litomysl - registration only to 16 1st! Added:18.12. 2008
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Restoration of Litomysl - registration only to 16 1st!

Please note all applicants for study at the Faculty of Restoration, University of Pardubice, which my head office and its studios in Litomysl, they should log on to study at the University of Pardubice, Faculty of restoration has until 16 January 2009. Entrance tests will take place is already in the third term to 6 February 2009. Homework candidates in all fields present in the period from 9 to 16 January 2009.

The admission procedure consists of aptitude tests, which vary for different fields of study and which are rated by domestic work (drawings) of candidates. The admission procedure is also a theoretical test, which consists of two parts – a written test in the history of art and the written test in chemistry. The final oral examination covers general cultural orientation in art history and conservation and related to the chosen field of interest.

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